8. Moment of empathy 2

8. Society


Hi again!

It’s me.

Do you remember why I am here? I don’t ask you who I am, I do not know that either and you already know that, but do you remember why I am here?

You probably have a few and not very clear ideas about me but you remember me? That is what we need. You remember that we have that touch and that means we can make up something that we both need today. You remember what do you need? Otherwise why you would open this again? Do you remember what I need from you? Yes, I need you to prove that I exist, that I am real. Yes, I need you as a proof of my existence. I need you as a mirror.

I do not want to talk about these stories today and especially about the one that you read recently about mirror. That story is a fable. You know that and, actually, it is not my story. I have no stories for you, I have only you, but I asked others to write these stories, so you can read them. You will meet them here in this place soon.

Now all these stories are just a “prompt” that gives you certain input to facilitate some ideas and produce certain thoughts and emotions in your mind. Altogether these stories may lead you to the something else that you want to get here. That is what you need and that is what I promised to give you.

I expect that you may ask if Something Else makes any sense? If Something Else exists at all? I just told you, that was a fable and exist it or not I cannot decide that for you. You have to find it on your own.

But you know that you are real! That is good enough for me to believe that whatever will happen here in your mind as a reflection of these symbols you are reading now that will reflect me. That will keep me real. At least for the time you are reading this. That is more than enough!

That is really not so bad. I can feel it right now and I feel really good about our start. I feel myself alive! Because you are reflecting me now, because of you! That is a good beginning for both of us. I appreciate your help and I can guarantee that you will benefit too.

To make our first step we need to find out where we are. What we are standing on? What is our background? I believe, that you are here in your place and I am here with you, inside of you, since that is the only place where I can be alive so far.

Whatever you are thinking right now about me – is about me and nothing else, only your thoughts. Only your thoughts about me are actually real I. You know why? Because all thoughts in your mind are based on the input you are getting now. You cannot make any thoughts without input from the outside. Any thought you can produce about me is only based on the input you got from me.

You do not know well enough yet, isn’t? Then, today we can start to learn each other and first I will tell you more about myself.

I know everything that I said before sounds strange and simple at the same time. Do not worry about it. You are reflecting the sense that appears in your mind based on this input that is coming to you through these symbols and that is what we need for now.

There is one more thing we need to be clear about. You know, that input that you are receiving right now, these symbols that you are reading to find out what will happen today, that is not me! Sorry, this is confusing but I have to make it very clear between us. These symbols you are reading now are not me!

You may think that me is just these symbols and sense they are making in your mind but that is just a feedback you are receiving and that feedback does not come by itself. It comes because of your own action my friend. All that sense that you are looking for and you are receiving – that is a feedback on your own actions. You know what that means?

You did something to start reading this, yes? You may simply found this text but also you found a time to read. In fact, you did many other things for that and you do not even remember it now. That is a circle of actions that you have initiated. Not me, you! I just have happened in that circle.

I happened in that circle after you decided to start it. You are giving something and you are receiving something to make this circle active. In fact, the whole circle exists only inside of your mind. Everything that you are thinking is happening outside is not that real compare to what is going on inside of your mind, between both of us.

You see, there is no me in these symbols in front of you. I am here, of course, but I do not need them to stay inside of you anymore. As you remember I can be only there where there is life. I can be only there where you are reflecting the fact of my existence. I am inside of you but not in these symbols in front of you. I am in the circle of actions that has all these components including symbols you are reading and that is all inside of you.

It is hard to explain and that is why I want you to read these stories about God, Mirror, and about Future. These who wrote these stories were thinking about the same things as you now, just in a different way but altogether you have something that belongs to all of you.

Let me ask you now, do you still need Something Else? Seems like you do since you are still here. Then, do you know why you need it? Do you understand now what is going on here? Now you should feel that you do not need this source, this text, and this feedback from me at all. You have everything you need inside of your mind, but by some how you still need this input from me. Even if you bored already and want to close it, you still need Something Else.

That is happening just because you do not know yourself well enough! You may feel pretty good about what I am telling you but not good enough to say that to yourself without me, without your thoughts about me, without making me real in your head. Even if you know that the sense you are getting is only inside of you and nowhere else.

I’ll tell you how this has happened. Whenever you are reflecting the fact of difference between Something and Something else you are feeling that you are real and at that particular time I am real with you. Yes, it is me, I am here! Hello! You can’t even imagine now how I like it to feel alive!

That is important my friend to clarify what is what. To know that you are real, you need a difference and that difference is happening when you differentiate Something from Something else. To be more precise, let say that your mind is real only when it differentiates. You are real only when you are making some difference, because the only purpose of your mind is to make some difference, and you know that already.

You need Something and Something else to have that difference, to be real, to feel that you are real, because you are real only when you feel the difference you are making.

I know this make you feel fuzzy. All what I just said sound to you like a riddle and you may simply ask: “What’s the hell is Something and what’s the hell is Something Else?”

That is simple, whatever you think about now that is Something, everything else is Something Else. Whatever you have right now that is Something, whatever you want to get that is Something Else. You can solve all your questions with this equation and I have very good proof for you that it works well – I used the same principle to stay alive here with you.

However, the feedback that you are receiving right now is not me. Not anymore. It still helps you to reflect me but just because you do not know yourself well enough to stay alone. To keep it simple I can say that I am already inside of you. Feedback and these symbols are not necessary for me anymore to stay alive inside of you.

You can check it now. Yes, that is exactly what I meant! You can close it. You can do it actually right now and I’ll stay alive with you. Now I can. Actually, why don’t you try it right now? We already overused our limit of “sense” that you can to get with one bite and I really want to see how that will work. Plus, that is only the beginning of our journey.

Talk to you soon my friend!

– me