19. T H E S A U R U S

1. Eurika - 300

Hey man,

Have you ever seen nerds from MIT? I am one of them. Another one who wants to talk to you is from Caltech in Pasadena. He is more about theories and is a real nerd, whereas I just know how to make things even crazy things. I can make these things work and he said that I would be the better one to explain to you what these things are.

We know that our idea and our “system” still sound crazy. That is just to prepare you. Our “system” the way we see it now represents a “logical space” in silica with almost all of the available on the web facts organized in the logical lines of where each point accommodates multiple facts. All facts in this “system” are connected in different “theories” by “language” which my Caltech friend has designed. All theories connected together across these facts. In this way each “logic line” or “theory” in this “system” is not just a direct logic line, but it goes across the whole “logical sphere” or “logical space” and connects all points of that space, all facts, all knowledge, so each “theory” here will represent the whole volume of our knowledge from the point of view of a single concept. Do you still follow me?

In our system all logic lines cross each other at any point of the “logic sphere”, each line passes all points of this “logical sphere” and collects all conceptions we have at this time. In other words, each “logic line” may represent a single point of view where your attention goes across all the facts that we know about this Universe at this particular point to answer the question of your particular interest. If you have an interest of course! That happens as soon you send your request to our “system”, as soon as you ask you question.

Cool? I hope it is not very confusing to start with, but give me some time and I’ll walk you through more details to make it easy.

I assume that you know the guy who asked me to write this for you? No, not a dude from Caltech, another one. He said that you should understand what we are doing. He said that you need it and that you already “have sent your request” to our “system” even our system is not open for public yet. He said that you should understand our system better than anyone and that you have something that we do not know for the “system”.

So, cool … let me continue … You may ask the question – do we really have everything in our “system”, everything that can be drawn out from the Internet for example? Since in the ultimate state this “system” will be simply a closed circle of information, then, you may say, that some of the concepts in our “system” may not be real and may not even exist even if they are based on the real facts. You follow? For example, we do not know if this Universe has its rules independently from our mind or it is just a part of our imagination and in real life nothing is happening, but then does life exist with out our mind?

Sorry man, I love Zen and I like to put this shit everywhere plus I do not really know how to write down this crap. I know, because of that the way I am going this will be endless. We all are parts of this Universe and if it exists in our mind it still exist by itself, we are just a part of it. If it recognizes itself in our mind or somewhere else, well, then that is in our mind or somewhere else. Universe appears to be a complex system that we are trying to understand. Honestly, Caltech dude and I, we both agree that our “system” is exactly the same as this Universe. Ultimately the same! The way we learn about the Universe and the way we understand our “system” depends on how we learn about it and how we make new assumptions in our mind about them …

You know, man I always have a hard time to explainin simple things to people. I know that and you probably noticed it too. Sometimes I even think – why bother explaining the simple things? Now I guess I have no choice and I have to do it because that nerd from Caltech he would not be even able to talk to you. He has autism or some kind Aspergers syndrome. I do not really know exactly what the difference is, but he is not like you and me. He just knows how to write all of what I just said into one line as a code, so our “system” will eat it up.

He has his own language, a new type of logic he created that can incorporate all things into a “system”. All the same way and even unrelated things. It is really cool! When you see his code, it is quite simple, but when you start to understand all the levels of the reductions of real things, real life, to this code, you will be impressed. You will see how everything is connected in one simple line! I think he is a genius at least in this task. Anyway I guess I have to start over and talk about our “system”. Let me start from a different point.

You probably agree that there is something that has initiated the first “division” or the first “explosion” of this Universe and since that time Universe appears as a complex system that is trying to get more and more complex and keep everything in balance at the same time: Big Bang à first division à ‘n’ divisions à complex of facts à totality of facts in logic place à world à totality of the worlds … and blah, blah, blah.

You know that, the Universe just gets more and more complex and tries to keep itself in balance. The Universe is doing only this one simple thing. It is consistently dividing itself and trying to survive keeping all this shit in balance. The same way as you and I do because we do this same job for ourselves and for this Universe since we are all his parts. You see man, it doesn’t matter if the Universe is inside of your mind or your mind is inside of the Universe. It is still the same Universe and it can be inside of your mind, outside of your mind, and it can be in our “system” as well. Even the whole Universe can be in one “system” in silica.

I know, sometimes I go too far when I am trying to embrace the whole concept. Lets go back to our “system”.

If this “system” works well and consistent it helps to predict things better than any other available models, at least any other model we can think about. Let me give you an example. If you want to design a new drug to treat my Caltech’s friend from his autism this system will walk you across the structure of receptors which reside on membrane of his neurons, walk you across the mechanisms of development of autism, across chemical structures of available drugs that affect brain, and then it will walk you through the possible chemical modulations that may help to affect the development of symptoms in his still untreatable problem. Finally, “system” will suggest a chemical structure of a new drug. Personally, I do not think it will help him since he seems happy with who he is, but at least it may give him more options in his life. Yes, it is much more complex, you’re right, but what I have described is just a shortcut to explain what our “system” does. That is how it works in our brain when we are looking for something new but here in our “system” it will go across of all available facts and their combinations without your memory and your logic. It is already there in our “system”! In some way our system outsources all you brain functions and leaves you only one task – to ask questions. Well, kind questions you will ask after all if you have no brain?

What we know is that “system” already works in some way. The fact that I am talking to you now and that you are trying to understand it, by itself means that ‘system’ works. Our current version represents a combination of facts and theories for only two selected subjects of science and in these subjects only a few concepts related to each other.  Now this “system” is consistently searching for new facts and based on search results “system” modifies a new search to find less relevant facts and puts them into the same logical structure. Even now it goes far beyond these two subjects, but finally this “system” has to include all knowledge we have on the web and thus almost all available knowledge that we have around us. Right now, because of these excessive extra sets “system” can already predict what may happen very soon in “empty spaces” that are still unfilled with the facts and I guess you are one of these “empty spaces”.

When you start to use this “system” you feel it as a part of your own brain. It has everything what we wanted for centuries – ‘Holy Grail of knowledge’. “System” is consistently updating and self-improving and whenever you start to use it, “system” leaves you your clear mind unaffected by any information, any worries, and any concerns. Everything that you need to know is there already. All new things you have to search, they all there in the “system”. Logical solution, best approaches, algorithms of management, they are also there. You do not need to know, you do not need to think, you just need to wish! You just need your “intention”, your “drive”, your “pure desire” to get an answer and result. Of course it has borders, but even now when it is just a two subjects, in fact, it goes far beyond them already.

Putting your attention at the specific point of the ultimate “system of knowledge” you will look across all existing knowledge organized in one place. You just have to keep in mind that this Universe, the one that is inside of our “system” and the one that is outside is already in your mind, you just do not have enough components to understand it, but our “system” may help.

All of the components that you may look at in your life are already in your mind and in similar minds around you, you just do not have the proper connections between them. Our “system” is only one and may be the most important connection at this time. Knowing that everything else is already there in the “system”, that the circuitry of multiple brains and machines working as a one single unit, we can just do what we want altogether and all these things are going to be the only right thing.

Am I going too far again? Dude, do you understand now what is our “system” is? I hope you are getting that the main idea is to integrate the present knowledge and intellectual capacity of the human brain by making the dynamic structure or “model of integrative human knowledge” in silica.

At the present stage of development of science there is a great potential for making a new solid framework for the most effective utilization of the bank of knowledge we are currently possess. We can do that by using two basic brain-circuitry-related forces of human evolution – “data accumulation” and “data processing”. These are the two main forces that develop the human brain and the entire world accordingly to human mind needs. These are the two processes that appears as a cycles in human life and in human history and, apparently, were determined by the organization of the brains circuitry to dynamically adjust according to the optimal direction of the evolutionary needs. Hope you agree.

Well, I think I can tell you that now. We have developed our new generation of “search engine” that is filling our “system” with data and, it is making a complete logical structure in a really new and very cool way. As you may know all web search engines today are very simple, with just a few algorithms that use key words and some level of analogy. Some of them actually use a few data sets and can direct you to a “relative-value” ranked list of data but that is it. The progress in searching technologies has to go beyond an iterative correction towards what we call “integral search”. What is an “integral search” engine? It is the one that can provide an organically developed structure of knowledge which is what we want to have in our “system”.

Our new “double engine search” has two components: “search engine” and “consistently updating database”. It is not a new idea, that is true, but what is new here is that both parts “search” and “database” can modify each other consistently adjusting not just by ‘request’, but by available in our “system” information. This double engine consistently forms a database that is modifying and improving itself by new data from every new search. The structure of the database consistently forms requests for the search to test itself and to modify itself appropriately. That is it, and as you see it has everything, concepts, and all theories, even these that do not exist yet.

Yap, this actually takes time and space. It also takes some back steps whenever “Rain man” from Caltech is writing a new modification of his “language”. Each time it happens we have to change a lot, but seems like he has some ideas how to fix it. The way it works right now is quite slow but it is getting better. Soon it will run very fast man!

I know how you feel, and believe me I also feel tied repeating the same things so many times, but I hope you got an idea. That dude, you know who, said that you are the one who needs our “system” at the state it is now. He actually said that you know how to implement our “system” with the stuff that cannot be inside of it. I still cannot get it, really! By definition everything is there already, except these things that are not there yet. Does it mean that you can fold time and get other things in there that are not available now yet? Think about it man, I would like to know your answer!

Either way, if you get my point it supposed to be simple for you especially if you know something that we do not.  If you want to use this “system” or this whole concept, please go ahead! Move it dude! We will meet you at the finish line!

But listen,

… if you really know these things

… and it seems like you do,

… let us know!


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