14. D@G

1. Dog - 301

I do not believe in human beings but it is not about my beliefs. I do not see any reason in human beings, I do not see it at all. Why am I telling you that? Simply because I do not think I can talk for human even if I had to. Instead, I’ll try to talk for those whom I studied for years, whom I know and whom I love, even though initially I hurt them. I’m not sure that it was me though, but that was a long time ago when I was just learning the basics. We always hurt those whom we are trying to understand and especially these whom we love!

After years of studying of how they behave and how they see things, I know that they have something to say to all of us. They know the reality that we will never be able to understand. They know what we call ‘objective reality’ and I have many proves of that, although, we are not talking about scientific evidence here.

He said that I could talk for them better than anyone else. I do not know that but I can try. They cannot talk for themselves and they do not have as many neural circuits to mess up the real things, these things that we have all around us in such a mess. They don’t mess it up and yet, they are living in harmony with which we dream about our whole life.

They cannot show us their logical thinking any better than a 2-3 year old baby but logic the way we use it is not what we all are dreaming about. I am not trying to convince anyone, I just I know what they know and I think that they could explain many things to us but they do not need to. They have no reason to tell us anything. I am not sure if that can be pronounced at all. Maybe that is just too obvious to say. If you cannot see that, then … who can explain that to you? Still, I’ll try to say that  in their own words.






“For Whom The Bell “Rings”


Day 1


A new doggy arrives at the laboratory and is been placed in a cage with an old experienced dog…

– “What are you doing here?” – new doggy asks,

– “Studying Operant Conditioning!”

– Oops… What is that?

– That is quit simple. You see this red lamp? When it starts flashing, I’ll press that pedal and…, you see that old dude in dirty lab coat? Yes, that is him. His brain will receive one visual and one audio signal at the same time and…, he will bring me my favorite food!

– Wow, and that works?

– Yes, and the effect is very stable! I have been training him for a few months and he is doing a great job!

– Wowww?!!… I mean, how?

– You are here to learn, so listen me. I found many interesting things about human mind. For example, do you know what is habituation is?

– No…

– OK, look here. If I’ll do not press this pedal for a while, after a certain this dude will stop bringing me food. Receiving no stimulation he basically forgets what he had learned so far, but if I’ll press the pedal every few minutes, dude will get exhausted bringing me food too often and his performance will also decrease. In both cases we call it habituation or decline of his response to stimulus, but you know what is really cool?

– What?

– I found an optimal way to minimized the amount of work that I am doing by pressing this pedal so he will still keep bringing me my food!

– ??!!!

– The trick is that his brain is working based on very stupid algorithm – he is always looking for a pattern, even if there is no any pattern at all.

– What does that mean?

– Look, if I’ll start to press this pedal every day in the same order, then soon his brain will start to look for a pattern in the stimuli he is receiving, trying to find time intervals free from taking care of me, so he can get a nap or watch his news on TV. Then, do you know what will happen if I start to press this pedal in a random way?

– ??

– Completely random stimulation will entirely mess his mind so he will be continuously waiting for the next stimulus having no idea when the following stimulus will occur! In fact that stimulus may only happen in a few seconds or only in a few days later, he will still stay aware! Of course, until habituation will develop, but it’s possible to train him to prolong that time. We call this “Variable-Ratio Schedule” or “Slot machine effect”.

– ??

– In fact, the smartest of humans use this trick to make others humans bring them a lot of paper. They call it “money”, and they value that paper even more than food.

– What does all that mean? How paper can be so valuable?

– I want to tell you that the human brain arranges human’s values based on an even more primitive but extremely stable algorithm and that is another story. For now, let’s press that pedal and you’ll see how good our life can be if you line up things right!


Day 2

New doggy continues to learn about work in laboratory.

– I appreciate your interest and today I’ll tell you more about my scientific goals – continued the experienced dog.

– It is a fact that most of human behavioral reactions are operant conditioning in nature and now you know what that is.

– Kind of!

– Good! The demonstration you saw yesterday is just a simple example of typical human behavior. Humans actually like to trick themselves and usually make up different names for the same inherited behavioral pattern. “Habit”, “Dedication”, “Responsibility” – all these names represent the same behavioral pattern “Operant conditioning”. I’ll be honest with you, my teacher described that phenomenon first! So, I have the historical credentials to talk about it.

– !!!

– I’ll show you what that means and how humans see this world. Twice a month our old dude receives food to serve us. I’m using this “two times a month” schedule to demonstrate the phenomenon of human’s “Responsibility” which is a variant of operant conditioning. Pressing the pedal a little more often during the last week, just before our dude expects to get new food, I forced him to use up all the food he had, and today he has nothing left for us. Now, I slow down the rhythm of stimuli that he is getting and now I ask for the food based on our usual pattern. Look what is happening to him! He is trying to watch his news in earphones to block both visual and audio signals, its like he doesn’t hear that we need food. But look, he can do it only for a few minutes, because he can’t enjoy anything thinking about his everyday task. See, now he is sweating, he is pulling his earphones out, and he is going to check if he has anything left in his freezer, ignoring the fact that he is doing that already for the fifth time today. The interesting point about this type of behavior is that all he is thinking about now is that his task can’t be complete today.

– Really?!

– Absolutely! That is “Human Responsibility” or “Dedication”. No matter what they call it, that is human operant conditioning! What I want to tell you, my friend, this phenomenon appears in really strange forms when one human is taking care of another human!

– Sorry, but may I ask? Why you are doing all these experiments?

– I have to tell you that our dude considers us as funny creatures that help him understand how his own brain works. He believes that similarity between all creatures helps him to stretch the “pattern of our calls for food” to his “calls for eternity”. Eternity is an artificial mental construct that helps him to serve us well and my specific reasearch goal is to improve our understanding of the human concept of eternity it in all possible ways.

– Can you describe “Eternity” better?

– “Eternity” is another phenomenon of the human mind designed to maintain its self-esteem while being consistently productive in delivering food. It is very interesting and one of the most difficult for understanding behavioral patterns. In fact, I’m still arguing about its nature with my old friend from Vienna who is doing similar experiments on another quite interesting subject. He states that there are only two inborn drives for the human mind – sex and aggression. Can you believe that looking at our white-bearded dude?


Day 3

New doggy continues to learn about work in laboratory.

– You want to know why from all other subjects we chose Humans for our studies?

– I have been thinking to ask about it!

– Well, it is very old story. I’ll try to put it down for you step by step.

First, the human has the most controllable mind, one that is completely dedicated to its tasks. Human can humiliate, and I love this word, himself during his whole life trying to maintain the activity of a small group of neurons that gives him feelings of pleasure, sometimes completely illogical like the pleasure of “self-importance”. Most mammals have similar circuitry that can be stimulated to produce continuous feeling of pleasure. Even dogs implanted with electrodes located in that area of the brain start continuously pushing the pedal to stimulate themselves and finally they will never leave the cage and they will take no food. However, human is the only one who can stimulate these centers by their own choice and with no electrodes inside of his brain! That unique ability of the human brain closes the circle and keeps its consciousness in constant logical cage of his mind for his whole life.

Second, each human has its own ’mind cage‘ so called ’human society‘. It is a very unique mechanism that was created over time to build individual “mind cages” for every human being. Humans are the only ones who can explore their own mind while their body remaining trapped in their “mind cage”. They actually can explore the whole world around themselves being slaves and only supported by illogical feelings of “self-importance”, like their “calls for eternity”.

Third, the human body is the most productive and tireless body on the earth. Multiple studies on different species have proved that in extreme conditions only human can show such productive work for many years! None of the other creatures on the earth can go to the North or South pole and work as long as humans can. Even a mule given the same level of vital functions protection, placed in the same conditions with humans, will die in a few weeks. Humans even with limited life support will work in extreme conditions for years believing that they will get back to the normal life and that is even more powerful, believing in importance of their “special mission”.

Let me tell you a little bit more about the human “mind cage”. The human mind is fixed with two illogical and, completely impossible for anyone else, mental programs – “Self-dedication” as a main purpose of his life and “Self-importance” as a main drive for “Self-dedication”. They connected in a circle that provides a base for his “mind cage”. This unusual organization makes the human extremely productive, predictable, and stable over his lifespan. Humans easily self-organize in social structures that keep them in a strict and well-controlled environment. His family” even with 50-55% divorce rate still appears to be the most stable simple social structure on the earth.

Humans can be very supportive working in groups to maintain consistency of performance as a team. There are no other creatures that can survive without free will like human does. We all can organize groups but only do this to achieve our clear goals that we can’t reach alone, like to kill a big animal, for example. You’ll be surprised, but 90% of the time human’s work in teams devoted not to achieve their goals but to protect themselves or to support their own ego and their “Self-importance”.

Human’s ego, is how humans call their internal drive, is different from the drive we have. Human can illogically extend his ego to the group of humans, believing that it is still his personal ego. That, however, requires him to be more dedicated to his task or “team goals” that is virtually putting his mind in extremely restricted “mind cage” and usually forever. Compared to other species, the human is the most modified by environment, most evolutionally flexible and most adaptable organism. As you know all these human features have been developed during a long selection and make him the most productive living source on the Earth now.

His bred mind allso appears to be the most interesting intellectual game, a bi-product of our work on long-time selection. Many species are getting extremely addicted to that game. However, getting excitement is what our life is about! There is no creature on the planet that would agree to trade his free will to the artificially bred multilevel self-humiliating and self-controlled mechanism that we simply call – the human mind.

I think now you know enough to choose the subject for your project. I hope you will enjoy working here but please stay focused. I need your work to be done in time! old fat cats are awaiting our results!