22. ÅCT

1. Telescope-200


Let me introduce myself,

I am an actor and I play on the stage just like you, the only difference is that I play with you and you are playing with someone else. That is my job to act and play my roles and someone always pays me for that. These who want you to stay close to my stage and stay focused starring at me so that you will not see them, they are always paying me. They have been paying me for a long time but I believe there could be another option. You could pay me directly, so I can show you those who do not want to be seen in the shadow. They keep me here on this stage to keep your attention but I do not care who pays, it is all just a matter of price and I think that a slow shift from the shadow to the light will not affect my old relationship with them, not a new interaction with you. I was not sure about that just a few minutes ago, but now I believe that this option may work. There is also someone else who wants me to make this shift and who lets me talk to you today. He was very convincing and I want to give it a try.

I do not want you to feel bad but here in this ‘theater‘ and especially on my stage it is all about your feelings. That is the main weapon of any actor – your feelings! I have to use your feelings to keep you close to my stage and to make you to come here again and again. I have nothing else in my pocket, but only your feelings and your wishes from your secret dreams. All my wooden swords, fake blood, all my bright clothes, they all come from your dreams. You want me to show them to you? That is exactly what I am planning to do today, and that is the only thing that I can do and the only knowledge I have – your feelings and your dreams. I just know what you want and I know what you feel. That is it.

You may not believe me and may say that it would not be possible that someone like me will talk to you. That is right, and I am actually very surprised that what is going here is happening, but something is going very differently now. I have this way to talk to you and I do not know what will be the best way for us proceed from here, but I think we can make a good deal. It sounds strange even to me but if I’ll be able to convince you and you will decide that you want to support me directly, then, I can show you the surface around you and those who are standing very close and keeping their hands in your pockets.

You may ask why should you pay me for something that you can potentially see on your own? From my stage the answer is simple – you cannot see what is around you while you stay there and stare at me. You either need to take my place on this scene or take my help. There is also one little thing, I will get your money anyway no matter what you decide. I will just get a little bit less than I would if I can convince you to pay directly to me. Those who have been paying me for a long time to play with you, they simply take your money from your pocket while you are looking at me and later they give some of your money to me. Yes, even right now they are doing this. You cannot see them and you cannot even find out how much of your money they take. Well, you can try it on your own if you want but at the end it is up to you as to what you are going to do with the choice you have.

One more thing I can actually do for you right now to prove that what I am saying is not a feint and I will do it before we will decide about the payment options. I can show you Him, you know whom I mean. You have been having moments of empathy with him time to time. He gave me those moments too. Moment to talk to you now is one of them and he said that whatever I do with you from here, it would be great for him, for you, and for me. He said that it is not only my chance to convince you and not only your chance to go with me but it is also his chance and what will happen here is depending on three of us – on him, you, and me.

I can prove to you that I have some power to show those who are invisible to you and who remain very close. I can show what they are doing with you while you are looking at me, but I’ll show Him to you first, even before we have a deal, since he seems to be OK with everything. He remains very close to you as well, may be even closer than all others, so it is easiest for me to start from him. I know his purpose and I know why he needs you, so, I can tell you many things about him.


Then let me take my weapon, your feelings. I need them to prepare you well.




You know your feelings, do you? So, what they are? Response to the external stimuli not properly processed across the logic areas of your brain that is responsible for the ability to make connections between objective things? Way too scientific? Let me rephrase. Feeling is a general response with no logic component but with a clear sense. You produce these responses when you want or need something and you do not need logic to express them because in all cases when you produce your emotional response it is very clear and obvious to anyone what you want and why. Even if you do not know it yourself, your emotional response makes it pretty clear.

You have your feelings and they are very important to me but also as a part of this crowd around my stage you can process some other feelings as well – feelings of this whole system around you. That system is an organism that also has its own needs, partly to protect you as a part of it but mainly to improve itself and use you for that.

Your feelings are the basis for my play here and they also help you to find your own place in this theater. You may not feel this well but it all depends on where you are sitting! If your seat is in the orchestra rows, – you respond the same as other people around you in these front seats and your emotions, in this case, makes the main impact on the whole theater. If your seat is on the mezzanine, you usually rely on the emotional response of those who are in orchestra rows and able to see all details of actions and have first-hand experience.

If you are in the balcony, you may not hear the orchestra rows, nor the mezzanine seats. Sometimes you may not even see me on a stage. Then, you have to guess and you have more freedom to make your guesses about what is happening on the stage, but that doesn’t cost anything. Whatever you guess that means nothing especially to those who can see what is actually occurring on my stage because they are sitting very close and have the money to pay for their front row seats, however, all that depends on design of the theater.

Experiencing your own feelings regarding the action, I am showing to you, you simultaneously participate in the general reaction of this whole theater – waves that I can see clearly from my place. These social feelings are not exactly giving you what you want but at the same time they also have a little logic behind. There is only one option when your own feelings and your social feeling match perfectly – when you are sitting in the main “king’s loge” but, unfortunately, only a few “theaters” are designed that way nowadays .

Still, even sitting in a front seat you usually get easily confused when you have to reproduce your social feelings. You follow them but you do not know what is going on with you. Your settled social network has trained you well over years and you know what to do by gut. You know when you have to stand up and listen to the hymn of your country or obey when you have to protect your nation. You are a good boy, you know how that works. You know your role in your system and your social feelings.




You may not be clear about your social feelings and what they are. Do they control the people in your society to be used to get them for society’s needs? Can’t these feelings be placed in a clearer way so that it will not affect your minds reflection? Lets make it clear between us, that it is agreed on how it works in the system of minds.

First, this system works not to protect you from being tricked, but to have a stable background for the whole system that will help all of us to make the next step or at least to stay where we are. I know, that is hard to look from the outside on the system where you are just a part. That it is hard to imagine what “all of us” is. That it is almost impossible to look on a system that is bigger than any of your social groups and your local networks. I completely understand you.

Why is it that if most people believe that you are bad – you are bad? Why you cannot make your own decision about yourself? You do not know the whole “organism” and that is what is making that decision. You do not know how many people may say that you are bad and how many will say that in fact you are good, but it is not about them, is it? When you think about yourself when you are alone you know who you are. Sometimes you may even need to get out of your network or sit without moving perhaps for weeks to get rid of your thoughts. Finally, when you are alone with yourself in your own thoughts you know who you are.

You get lost when you have people around you. You become a part of the system of people when you have more people around. The system of people makes decisions, not you, and there is only one problem being yourself – your compassion!

Why is it that if most people say that someone is bad – he is bad? It is because of the same reason. Why do you believe that he is bad even if you do not know him? Even if you never saw him before! Why you do not say: “I do not know him and cannot say anything”. You say that, in fact, you say that from time to time, but usually you say that consciously and consistently only when you know how your social system works. Usually not, usually you say what other saying.

Your society will change, you know that, and these changes will be on your side and in your mind as well. So, why don’t you say what you can say and do not say anything else? That would be enough for you and for every one else. It is your compassion for this world which you have around you and it is this vocal expression that is the only correct definition for compassion. Do you know what your compassion is? It is another very helpful decoration that keeps your attention. Lets talk about it too.