To help you to decide what to do with what you just read it feels necessary to put at the end a few comments.


1. The stories you read are parts of a puzzle game.


2. This puzzle is also a “palindrome” similar to the one that is below this text. It can be read in several ways and may give you in some ways almost the same sense and in some others ways a new one.


3. Each way of reading this text and each next level you may find here may give you a new story.


4. This puzzle has a few levels and you may already found most of them or just a few that is also good to start with.


5. You may find prompts (1) in order of letters, (2) in positioning of the words in text, (3) in your visual perception of the text, or (4) you may find another prompt in you thoughts that these symbols and their chains produce in your mind, (5) you may also find another prompt in your emotions provoked by stories. Finally, the sense of each story will give you a different sight of light if you will look for that.


6. Everything that you received reading these stories may give you an idea how to connect your visual, cognitive, logical, and sensual shapes in one.


7. At that point you may know that all dimensions and all surfaces of this puzzle is a grid that is already in your mind. Even this sound quite ambitious, the whole idea behind what you just read is already in your mind and designed just to open a gate to the world that apparently still has no name. You can find here the most of details about this unnamed world. It may take time. Also, you may already have this grid very clear to you and consider this text as a proof of your own knowledge.


8. After all, you do not need to complete the puzzle. You do not necessary have to find other ways to read this text, and you can stop reading this right now. If you do that, it still may give you something that will help you to understand more about why you read all these pages. That may give you a way to see yourself as a something, but may not give you something else that you was looking for when your opened it. Even if you will stop it, you will have what you have and that is not that bad.


9. You may want to know some explanations to the questions you still have. Honestly, I am not sure if this will work that way. Lets look together, you have all questions and you want an idea that will be clear to you, and you also feel that there is still something else? Of course, there is still something else, something bigger, something that you need to know, something that is not here. You did not know that? But you know that this is exactly what you want to get out, something that is not here but on the other side is inside of you, something that only you have. Otherwise, why you would keep opening the next story each time and finally would read this epilog?


10. I hope you understand me and we can continue to go that way. Lets make this strong and let’s leave this feeling that you still have. I think that we both feel that we have to cut it out right now, right at this moment.