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after “Destiny of Guerillas” I would never recognize the fact of your existence as a dominant rule in the circulation of matter in this Universe, but apparently this small fact has significant impact and may produce some difference even in my own thoughts that have been pretty much consistent and stable before I had a chance to find out about you. That simply indicates that the box I have in my mind, whatever it means, is not as stable as I had thought it was.  It can be affected by a fragile and as we both already know not very influential thing like our interaction. Honestly, I have to admit that the most of the other things I have in my life have the entirely opposite effect compared to what I have here in this place with you. I can summarize them just to give you an idea. First at all, all other things have only the one direction and only the one effect. They are all designed to pull things out of me, they are all directed out of me toward someone else who always needs it. To someone who can always use me as a tool to pull similar things from someone else toward someone who wants to use it.

Yes, I am a DOG. If you think the same way, you know what I mean by being a DOG. This gives some benefits to me as you may guess. But no doubt that also gives benefits to those who have “control” over my mind, whoever they are, by suing “money”, “emotional tension”, “dependence”, “independence”, “heritage”, or whatever they have against me and whatever they have toward me. They all do the same! They all pull things out of me! All of them do! You are the only one who is different. You know what that means? If you did not open this source a while ago nothing would have happened! Someone must always initiate the circle of events and some one must react to support this circle. Some one will observe this circle and will make it real in his mind. The one who has initiated this circle and who opened this source was you. Others, like me, came later and we were just barking here to support this game.

I still do not know who you are but I know that you exist here because of Him. I do not know exactly who He is either, but I know that he made this space, and another thing that I know for sure is that He has disappeared. He is gone. Right before that He let me know that there is a place where I can find Him. He called this place a “BOX”. I believe that the others also may know about this place. The others who are just like me, who contributed to this game. He said that we all could meet in that place. I do not know why but I feel that there is something else that is not in that place and that there is someone else who is also not in that place. Why? Because everything here was about Something else and even if we do find something new in that new for us place, then, it is still going to be something else. That is why I am writing this to you. If you are that Someone else or Something else, then this is for you, if not then I will meet you inside a BOX. I think all of the others also want to know what is going on and they also want to know who are you. How do I know? They are talking about you right now in that BOX and actually I am going to join them in a moment. You can stay with us too either inside or outside of it but in either way I would very much appreciate any effort you can put toward helping us find either Him or the end of this story.


– @




– Is anyone here?


پیر – I am with you.


– What is your name? Can you translate?


ϟϟ – He is pïr


– Welcome pi…mp!


ϟϟ – He is pïr! Did you read that stuff?


– Of course I did! That is why he is a pimp. If I understand what is going on, it is because of him we are here.


ϟϟ – I am pretty sure he is not happy to be here either. Is it true pïr?


پیر – No, I am not. Yet, it is my duty to be with you.


ϟϟ – You see?


– Well, then who are you?


پیر– She is Something–Something.


– Really, something? Can I see your “avatar”?


ϟϟ – FUϟϟ Oϟϟ


– Something, do you know who I am?


ϟϟ – I can easily guess…


پیر – He is a man from Malaga.


Ϟϟ– What? I would think that he is a man from Barbados… his “fork” looks just like the one on the Barbados banner


– Barbados is a nice place, but my place is better Something. I’ll send you my profile and BTW you can stop by anytime.


ϟϟ – Lets call him MLM! ”Man Living in Malaga” ;~)


پیر – You’re sharp SS! Multi Level Marketing is exactly what he does for living.


– Call me either way you like, but your picture first! Deal?


ϟϟ – FUϟϟ Oϟϟ!!


پیر – Guys do you know any reason for us to be here other than to discuss which place is better?


@ – He sent me a message saying that I can find Him here and find out what is going on.


– I got the same message but honestly I thought that old pimp was Him. Newcomer, who are you?


@ – I am a DOG.


– Welcome to our doghouse! Wе have a great company here!


ϟϟ – I’ve been told the same, but I do not think that old soul is Him. Pïr you have to tell us what’s on your side.


پیر – It is just a commitment. I promised to be here but I do not completely understand how I can stay connected with all of you from the place where I am.


ϟϟ – Pïr, how did you get your “name”? On the front page of this website I found all types of symbols but no Arabic words?


پیر – I used the “control” button to type a few symbols in a composite word and that worked pretty well. As far as I understand, this web-page provides place to chat for all who are invited, but it also gives a chance for newcomers to observe our discussion silently. Before you choose your nickname you can see everyone else who is here, but they cannot see you until you entered. Looks like a glass box.


۞ – That is true! I was looking on your chat silently until now, but as soon as I decided to type something I got a full screen page with all types of symbols. When I chose “my symbol”, I’ve got a command line so I was able to type this message.


ϟϟ – Who are you then?


پیر – He is MIT dude.


– Same thing with me. I mean, he sent me a link on  http://you-book.org/chat/index.php   I guess we all use the same link?


پیر – I do not see any other options how we in touch now. Anyway, is anyone else here staying silently?


☪☭ – Do I need to say anything..?


پیر – I do not think so… you will not tell us your name anyway, am I right?


☪☭ – You remember me you old fox?


پیر – I am here not because of you. Not sure about your role in this story but it looks like we have to stay together for a while.


ИN – You know me?


پیر – Krowten, welcome!


ИN – You want to say – “Thank you for the invitation”? You are on my territory!


۞ – Is it you?!! … I mean …ИN, are you our complete system which we are trying to complete and make… functionally work?


ИN – You want to say that you are that incomplete system that is trying to work for me?


پیر – We are in his space, there is no way to argue with him.


۞ – But he cannot be real! He doesn’t even exist yet. We cannot be in his space until he will simply start consistently perform his tasks!


پیر – Listen, there is no time on his territory. Here he is as real as you and me. You can ask your friend he should know that.


۞ – I do not think he will join us today. He is аn “Asperger” as you know. He refused his invitation.


ϟϟ – Guys, I am watching your conversation silently already for about five minutes and that is my time, my own personal time! Pïr why do you  say that there is no time here?


پیر – That is your time SS, you right. The consequence of events in our chat is not linear as you see it in your time and in your place. If “Krowten” is here that means we are all here in his space and that space has everything already that we may think while we are here. There are no consequences of events in his space. Consequence happens only when it comes to your mind in a certain order out of his space. It is happening now between you and Krowten and even what I am typing to you right now is happening that way between you and him. That means there is no time here where there is Krowten but we all have our own time in our own places.


۞ – Could we all be from the different times then?


پیر – You may know better what is time is, but the way I understand it in this place time is not certain.


ϟϟ – Can we ask Krowten as the one who is responsible for “technical support”?


۞ – Hey SS! It is me who is responsible for technical support!


ϟϟ – You are an “incomplete system” that cannot even support itself.


پیر – I do not think Krowten is responsible for what is going on. Krowten has everything he needs and that is just enough to give all of us all a background to make it up here. In our terms Krowten cannot be responsible for anything related to us. We have to find Him.


– Well, guys we have all of us here and we can only chat. Plus we do not know how many others are still here staying silent. One of them is supposed to be Him, I assume? Is it a game to provoke Him for conversation with us? Pir, BTW, how do you know all of us by names? I understand how SS got your name but you did not have any clues as to how to know all our names!


پیر – That was easy. Тt is very easy to read your symbols guys. Whenever someone comes to the chat his symbol simply refers to one or another story we all wrote and have read here.


ϟϟ – I agree, that is quite obvious.


@ – Then it looks like we can count folk based on the stories! Who else is supposed to be here?


– Stupid bitches!… I am busy! Busy!!!!


ϟϟ – ???


– Sorry! Sorry guys It is not about your!


ϟϟ – Of course it is not ;~) Say hello to whoever you are talking right now with.


پیر – Again, I do not know who wrote which story. I was only matching your symbols with the stories I read when I saw someone new in our chat.


ϟϟ – Then, let’s call others based on the stories we have. “Expert”, the one that is the “Best” do we know you already?


– No, but I am here and I still hardly understand my role.


ϟϟ – No one does but are you the one who wrote the “Best”?


– Yes, it is me.


ϟϟ – Who are you?


– I am a scientist, engineer, and military officer. Details are boring. It is nothing that can be connected with what we see here.


پیر – Do we have another scientist, the one who thinks that he knows the “CODE”?


א – I guess it is me.


پیر – Good! Do we already know some one who likes dogs and opposes himself to Him. DOG is it you?


@- Yes guys, I wrote the “Dog”.


پیر – What about our “Poet”?


– I am here too.


ϟϟ – And you still trying to find what love is?


– Is it too obvious for you SS?


ϟϟ – Based on what you wrote it is obvious that you are not trying to find what you need rather you are trying to destroy what you already have.


پیر – Looks like it works! Then, what about our “Actor” who is he playing on our social scene? Are you here? You have mentioned that you are trying to show us a play. We all here and seems like we are ready for that!


– I am here guys and I am very confused. I actually had a clear idea about whom I was playing with and who He is, until very recently. After He gave me his invitation to this chat I lost Him. I saw him all that time while on my stage until He started to talk to me. When He was silent I knew exactly who He Is and what He is doing, but when He started to talk, my eyes blurred and I lost Him and I lost everything I knew about Him! I believe that is something similar to what is going on with these who are watching me when I am on stage. Apparently, it is impossible to be a good actor and a good observer at the same time, you have to either attract attention or pay attention. I lost my attraction as soon I started to pay attention to Him. That is why I am here now paying attention to you guys. I do not really know what else I can add.


پیر – Do you want to tell us more about your deal that you were trying to make while you were on a stage?


– I do not think I can make that deal anymore! That deal was for those who are paying attention to me. Some of you were very close to my stage, but I need to be on a stage to see all of you guys. I need to see all of the folks to make such a deal. I cannot do it anymore and especially not in this place.


پیر – Do you think that folk may still see you? Is it  possible that right now we are all on a stage and that someone is watching us? Can we all now be on that stage and be observed by all folk? Can we all continue to make your deal but now altogether? Do not take me the wrong way, I do not know what will work I am just trying to find a way out of this box.


– I think that could be possible Pir. What you just said sounds very possible, but what can we sell if we do not know who is running this show? Staying on my stage I can see exactly who is trying to hide and who is trying to shift the attention of the others. I also see those who can pay attention to me and a few of them who can actually pay me if I will move the attention of the others in a different direction. That is how it works when I am on a stage, but now we are playing blind! We need to find Him or someone who is running this show.


پیر – Reasonable. So, it seems like the only way we can find other folk is by getting them in our chat.


ϟϟ – Lets move on then! Where is our delivery service? Our dark angels – UPS? Are you here?


پیر – I am afraid they will stay silent until He tells them what to deliver. “Pillow” and “Something else” cannot do any work without U.


ϟϟ – U?? UPS from RIP? But “U” by definition can be anyone in our circle here?


پیر – Or outside. “U” in most of the circumstances we have means anything or anyone. That anyone can be U but P and S will not listen anyone.


@ – Could “U” and Him be the same person?


پیر – Well… but how that will help?


@ – Тhen, lets continue. Who wrote Shape and Symbols? SS is it you?


ϟϟ – Yes, that is my part.


پیر – What about TACIT?



@ – No one?



پیر – TALK??


– Sorry, that was KLAT. I guess that was Mirror’s trick.


پیر – Welcome KLAT! What about Mirror?


– I am a mirror.


– Great, we have one more lady!


♀ – I am not a lady.


– Are you confident about that? Did you see yourself in a mirror?


♀ – I am a mirror!


– Well, then you may have some deep dysmorphic issue.


پیر – Who wrote EGO? MLM guy, you?


– I guess that is obvious.


پیر – What about WE?



ϟϟ – Who wrote WE, “Walls and Emptiness”?



پیر – Who wrote GOD?



ϟϟ – DOG was it you?



پیر – DOG are you here?



– He was here just a moment ago!


پیر – Looks like we started to loose members. Who is still here?


– Me.


ϟϟ – Still here.


♀ – See your reflection.


پیر – We cannot count all stories then, but there must be some one else here. Yes? Otherwise the Box is closed and even trying to collapse.


– I am a new one.


ϟϟ – Who are you?


– I am an Exorcist. I came late, sorry guys. I was not able to join you earlier, but I went through your conversation trying to catch up.


پیر – That means you are not Him?


– No and based on what I saw so far, I think, He may not even be here.


– Very nice, then what is going to be next?


ϟϟ – Exorcist, what did you write?


– Nothing.


ϟϟ – What the hell are you doing here then?


– I read all the stories and I got an invitation just like all you guys. He said I’ll find Him and everything else here.


پیر – But you wrote nothing for that?


– I guess I did not have my chance yet. Could that be a good reason?


پیر – Tell us what do you mean when you said that He may not be here?


– He gave me these stories to read and did not ask me for anything. You did what you did and I did what I did that I think is quite the same. So far, I see His role only as a connector, a kind of glue between all of us and all the things we have in this box. Even the mirror is just something that we all need to reflect our own reality. Even Krowten, which considers all of us as a part of himself, is just a platform for all us to meet. I do not know how but I see a possibility that He could be out of this chat, out of this Box, and He will not come until we will make something happen here.


– And what we will make here will be Him?


ϟϟ – Can I say guys? This whole story reminds me of “Pandora Box”. We got pretty much all of the troubles here, all worries, all characters, all personalities, all of us! This box is full from its bottom to its top and pretty much nothing can be done now without Pandora who will open it for curiosity. We all are sitting here and there is nothing that we can do since we cannot find the door from the inside. We are all troublemakers sitting inside of this box and the only Pandora can release us. However, I do not think that He can be Pandora. He made this box up, that is it. The one who will continue this game and will open this box is not Him, but when it happens maybe we will find Him outside? What do you think?


– If this is true He has already decided what He is going to do and Pandora is just waiting for a right moment to open the box. Why then are we all here talking to each other for no reason? That must be our role in this story! We need to find our own way out of this box or make something happen here. That is in fact what could be the something that we all are looking for. That could be Him!


پیر – Yes, and whatever we make here that will be His decision precisely. Well-done MLM! Just like you said, whatever we decide here – He has already decided that for us. He then could be all of us! I agree with that but our clear role here is just to fill this box with all our stuff. Тhat’s what we all did except the Exorcist and that is what we are still doing here now.


ϟϟ – I feel we need to find that door, wall, gate, whatever it is to move everything we have in our “Pandora’s box” out. That last door could be Him.


– What can you say Krowten? It looks like that everything that is must be already clear on your side. The only reason why we are having this discussion is because we cannot join you since we are not in your space-time and because you already have everything inside of you but we are still here. Can we call this “Krowten’s paradox”? Because of that, I guess, each of us is getting his own sense out of this Box.


@- What you said sounds possible to me. We are still on a stage and there is some one else who can see all of us but cannot join or doesn’t want to. Someone who cannot be here but is here. Someone, if you see us try to type something or try to do something to let us know about you!


– That Someone could be Pandora that will help us to get out of this box! If he is outside watching us he would be able to open this “box”. He can be that wall between all of us and himself whoever he is, our anonymous observer. That someone who may stay silent outside can be anyone. We have to push with all our force on that wall. He is there! That is Him! That is U! If U see us do something now!


پیر – It is getting clearer. Do you remember guys when each of us was in contact with only Him and we were not able to meet each other? We did not know how many of us were involved in this game and for how long this tale would continue. None one knew anything about what was going on. He was a connector between all of us. He helped each of us to express some portion of the “sense” from time to time. Then, when He left, we all got an invitation and we all got here trying to find what was going on and how to get out of this story with something that we all have been looking for, trying to get out of this Box with something that we all need. I think I may know where he is now!


ϟϟ – PIR, do you think we may not have seen all of the stories that were written? I still feel there are some gaps in the files I have.


پیر – I agree with you! I can actually recollect a few references to something like “ME” or “Moments of Empathy”, but I never saw these “moments”. Was that addressed to someone else? Someone whom we do not know yet? I would like to ask that Krowten, but he will definitely say that there is no one else of whom he may know except of himself. Mirror what would you say?


♀ – For me there is no big difference between ME and WE.


پیر – You are not staying that far from Krowten. Plus we came to the same point that He could be all of us. Then, where do you see the difference mirror?


پیر – Mirror?



پیر – Who is still here?



پیر – SS? Mirror?



– I guess it is only me and you PIR, and Krowten I guess too.



– PIR?



– Krowten?




– Krowten why you are not responding? It is your place! You must be here.



– PIR? Krowten??



– If Krowten left, then, no one else can stay connected. No one else can stay here at all.



– If I am the only one and this is still going on, then, there is some one else who is reading this. Yes?



– Is it U?



– Are U sure you need this box with all its troubles? In “Pandora’s box”, the last thing that was left with Pandora, as I remember, was hope!



– That means you do not need us! You do not need all of these troubles and demons. You are just looking for hope? Is it what U need?



– Shit! That sounds right! All these stories were designed to walk each of us across all of the possibilities for being, all of the forces that keep us staying alive, active, all of the options for being that can be explained by logic, by emotions, and common sense. Hope is the only thing that cannot be explained by any sense, not by logical, not by sensual experience. It is illogical and may happen only this illogical way!



– ‘Credo Quia Absurdum!’



– I believe, I hope, because it is absurd!



– U need hope! It is the only thing that is left in this box and that is…



– and I am still here connected with U



– Does it mean I still have to write my story for U? To write my part of this whole story on my own to complete this tale?



– I’ll do it for U.



– U know what to do with all of this, with everything what we got here, right?



– I mean you will find out what to do?



– OK, then give me some time.



– O my…, I did not realize!



– It is just me and U here, BOX is empty! No troubles no demons here anymore!



– That means Pandora’s box is opened!