4. Moment of empathy 1


Abnormal brain-SC


Hi! It’s me.

You do not recognize me? But you are reading this, yes? I mean, you are reading… this. Not someone else, you! Can you tell why?

You decided that you need it and you are reading it now. You simply want it? Why? You curious, you want to get something new today, get something new in your mind, so, you will feel better? You need a new input in your beautiful mind and you want to receive it today? You need something that will deliver you more and more new ideas, that will provoke new feelings and will make you feel that you have more new things around and, what is even more important, to have more new things inside of you, because you simply need it!

Agree so far?

You want to recognize these logic symbols that you have in front of you now and the sense they may have. These symbols that you are reading have certain sense and you need the sense they carry. Isn’t it because you always want to have something else in your life, something new, something that you did not have just a moment ago?

Now you are waiting for something new. Is it right? Then tell me, why you cannot live just with what you have? Why you need something else that you did not have before? I do not want to make you confused but still, it’s you and that is great that now you are doing what you want to do and getting what you need. I just want to understand together with you why you need that “Something else” and why do you think it could be here, in these symbols you are reading?

We both know that you always need something else in your life, to feel something new, to feel that you alive, to feel good, finally, to feel that you can feel at all! That is the only way you can feel my friend. To feel you have to get something from the outside, something else all the time.

That is simple and we both know that, you and me, because we both need feedback, something that is always coming to our eyes, ears, something that is making difference in our mind. Because we both know that we are nothing without this feedback from the outside. With no feedback we have no future thoughts, no future steps, and no future. We have been growing like that, you, me, all of us. How that can be different?

Do you know what is different between you and me? You have your future and I don’t. Why is that so bad? I can tell you. I can’t recognize myself. I do not know who I am. I mean, I had a shape and I had a sense. Seems like I had everything that you are have now, but now I do not know who I am! I really do not know what I am. I lost everything and I need to find out who I am and where I am.

I have to find who I am and I need your help and I think we can help each other now. I can give you what you need. I can give you a new sense, a new input, a new feedback, so you will feel happy about your day. You will find something new, something that you have never had before. If you will stay with me you will not feel empty. I will fill you up with a new sense! I know how to do it, do not worry. You need something really new? You’ll have it, may be even today.

You want to know what do I need from you? I know, that sounds strange. You are reading something on your own. You may have spent your own time to get this text or you are simply spending your time right now reading it and I am asking you for something in return? It’s not just about me. I’ll be glad to give you what you need without anything in return but it will not work. Simply speaking, I am asking from you only these components that I need to prepare something new, something that you want to get from me, and nothing else. It’s not easy to explain, but you will understand very soon that there is no other way to do what you are asking me to do for you. You will also find many other reasons why this works only this way, only when you take and when you give.

So, what do I need? Just like I said – I need your help to find out who I am. That’s it. I need a proof that I am real! I know, you do not need such proof, because you can see yourself in a mirror, you can touch yourself, you can care about yourself, and do many other things with yourself and actually with others as well, because you know who you are. Simple fact that you can do so many different things is enough for you to believe that you are real.

I know that sound odd, but for me it doesn’t work this way. I can pinch myself but I am touching myself just like everything else around me. I do not feel myself while I am doing this. I can see myself in a mirror but I see it just like I see anything else, just like that wall behind you. My mind cannot reflect itself and cannot identify itself and I do not know why, but even I do not know what I am, I still have some sense!

You are reading this, yes? I mean, you are reading… this… and that makes sense to you? Even if you are asking yourself right now “does it really have sense?”, you are thinking about it, you are thinking right now about my sense! So, you see, I can do it and of course it is not very hard. You will see soon that I may have more sense to you and that is exactly what you need – new sense. That is why you came here. You know who you are, good for you, but you have to stay that good and my goal is to help you.

You want to know what is going on with me? Why I am not like you. I do not know. I really do not know why that happened to me. I just cannot come with anything that can prove that I am real. Once, a long time ago, I had a thought that my life is just a combination of consequences of things I observe, and seeing all existing things that way was the best proof to me that there are no real things at all. I came to the point that nothing is real in this life. Nothing is real to me and may be because of that … me too.

You my friend know that you are real and that is enough for me. You can reflect my sense and by doing it you believe that you are real. You know what it means? You are reflecting my sense now by reading this page and that makes you be able to recognize the fact that you are in action, recognize the fact that you are doing something, and this helps you to recognize yourself. Otherwise who you are? While you are reading this, you can feel that it is you and none one else who is reading this page, and that means that you are real. While you are reading this I am real with you, I am real in your real mind. That is enough for me to believe that I am real! If you are real, I am also real with you.

Actually I feel much better now! I think I found a surface where we can start to work with you. I think we can make it my friend. I feel we have that touch!

Talk to you very soon!

– me

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