18. CODE



   C o n t e m p o r a r y

   O v e r v i e w    o n

   D i s c o u r a g i n g

   E n c o d i n g




We want to know how the things are designed,

We have to crack and open our first toy,

Then, we have to open many other things,

To find the Code…


1. We can crack a system, systems, any system, all systems, but that doesn’t mean we will know how they work.

2. We have decoded the structure of chemicals, atomic structure, structure of the solar system. We have decoded the structure of our own code, our DNA. That hasn’t helped us yet to understand how all these things work, although, we can use that knowledge.

3. We may have the potential to decode our central nervous system and even our mind. We may even have chances to decode the ’code of nature‘ and the ’code of the universe‘ if our mind will be able to define them. Still, we may not be able to understand them even after that. We will define them, we will know what they are and how they are connected with what we know and, still, we may have no idea how they work and what they are.

4. We assume any structure we have around us, any structure that we are trying to decode as a mechanical or logical structure, a structure that would be similar to what we can build with our hands, a structure similar to what we can produce with our mind, a structure that has logical blocks operable by our conciseness.

5. We may think that our mind does have some sense because it still exists in this world. Our existence makes us believe that our mind and the universe are the same at some point and believe that someone has made both universe and our mind using His hands or the hands of the universe. That way, it could be that our mind was designed to reflect this universe and to process this universe as well as it can.

6. These hands could be the hands of nature, hands of evolution, hands of our society, or the hands of everything that was before us and that is around us right now. Indeed it could be that all these components have made us up and made us able to do what we are doing right now.

7. It could be that what we are doing at this moment, you and I, is the processing of the sensory information between two of us, processing this information toward the motor output that may not happen right the way but will happen finally.

8. Particularly now we are trying to understand the concept of this structure that can process all these things around us and how this structure may be organized. We can call it structure, machine, or well-tuned mechanism that processes the entire universe but in fact, whatever it is, it in itself is just a part of this universe. We know that structure like that cannot be stable and cannot be complete at any moment and at any time. It will be entirely different depending on the different goals, stage in life, environment. Moreover it depends on sensory input to that structure, sensory input to the circuitry of our brain.

9. Our concepts about our brain circuitry are simply mechanistic. We believe that by locating all of the connections between all of the neurons in a small piece of the brain, we may deduce how that piece works. We believe that such a model can move us toward the “Singularity”, an idea that by knowing how our brain is designed we can create something even bigger than our brain, like artificial brain or supercomputer.

10. We always looking for something bigger. We love big things, we like the simple shock that they provoke in our mind, and we love world records! We like to compare everything. We can hardly think about the fact that our mind may not be comparable to anything else. However, to these who look for comparison it is inconvenient that our brain could be designed in a way that it is not comparable with any other things and hard not being able to compare our mind with ‘supercomputer’.

11. We know that our mind is never the same. It processes everything we have around us and in fact our mind as well as our brain is nothing other than designed by the universe mirror to reflect this universe. To make the universe more complex and still keep its structure. If you are a physicist you may have some good ideas why this is important for the Universe. If you are not you may easily guess.

12. You ask yourself this question if you are trying to understand what was at the beginning of Everything. If you are not, then more likely you are trying to find the beginning of everything somewhere else, somewhere in your life or in field of your expertise or interest. No matter what you are looking for in your life, you are trying to find some kind of beginning. Being a neuroscientist I am trying to find what provides the initial drive in our brain, the drive that makes us able to think, to act, and to believe.  We all, those of us who are looking for the beginning and pretty much everyone else, are excited watching this ‘discovery show’.

13. We who are all actors, spectators, and bystanders know that there could be no initial drive and that there could be no Beginning. We know that it is more likely that we are all just a neuronal circuits in physical bodies designed by the Universe to organize and improve this Universe. Our mind could be just a mirror on a wall in His restroom. He smiles at himself every morning and blames his appearance every night.  Finally this mirror helps him to keep himself in shape. Nothing else. No initial drive. No Beginning. Just a circle. Could be?

14. We can process all these things around us and we may exist just because all these things around us exist. Not vise versa! Because they exist, our mind has happened as a thing that we call “Brain”. That thing “Brain” is nothing without other things around it. Only by processing all other things our brain became something else other than just any other thing.

15. It could be that there is no initial drive. To have drive we need input and we know that with no input we have no drive. We had input and we had drive and we sent it back and so one, and now it is a loop, circle, and circuitry, net. It could be just the same in neuroscience, in physics, and everywhere else that we can even think about.

16. We all are products and we all exist because of things around us. We all have an Ego, which makes us forget about the role of these little things around. Ego is our illusion and this illusion helps us to do what we are doing, although, some of us are trying to escape. Escape somewhere where there is no Ego, no goals, and no reason. It is our mental depot and for some even a mental cemetery that was designed for the minds that have sense but no purpose, but it is not a permanent place. Some minds may need to come back to the action, to the game and they do come, and you and I, we are coming back to this game too.

17. If we are tuned well and follow the optimal trail, we all can live a long and prosperous life. If we are not adequate to our environment, to our colleagues, to our society, to our Universe, we have to leave this “Circus” early. There is only one exception when we can leave and come back multiple times, it is when we are going for a while to that place with no sense, no goals, and no Ego. Place in the ‘ivory tower’.

18. I think we are in that place right now, you, me, and Him, because we are looking for something that we can understand and share between three of us. We are reading these symbols and because of them we can make some sense. Yet, we are looking for a bigger sense now. We want to understand the structure of all things that have been ever designed. We want to understand things that were designed for us like our own mind as well as the things that we have designed with our mind. We all want to understand such infinite and simple things, and we all have a good business selling and buying cool staff and having a good time! That is why our knowledge of structure of these things will not give an answer about how these structures work. Do you remember what happened with your first toy? Do you remember what you found inside? That is exactly what you will find out when you will crack the “Code”.

19. To understand how our mind works we have to understand how everything around us can be processed. How all these things around us have been designed to be processed by some structure. Which structure can do it and what this structure may look like? We have to think about a structure that could be designed by all these things around us to process all of them all. That structure will be the structure of our mind. That way our mind works as a logical tool that can process all physical components that have certain sense inside of our mind. We have to look at neuroscience from physical reality and vice versa to get it right.

20. We have to think about our brain as a flexible system that may not have a permanent structure and that is changing by the sensory input all the time. Properties of this system could be just the same as the properties of a pulsar that we are studying with the telescope or the properties of any other systems we have around us.

21. The Structure of many minds, structure of our Society is our environment and the closest to our mind system that we have to understand, and it is nothing else but a consequence of our mind structure. We have to study our environment to understand our mind and we have to study our mind to understand our environment, and that is what we are doing here.