The Most Important Questions

  1. Who am I?
  2. What is real?
  3. Where did we come from?
  4. What happens before/after life?
  5. Is God real?
  6. Do I want to believe? Do I need to?
  7. Are things pre-ordained to happen?
  8. What is my purpose in life?
  9. What is my importance/role in this universe and in society?
  10. How can I best impact the environment around me?
  11. How do I evolve in my lifetime?
  12. How can I find happiness?
  13. How can I be happy?
  14. Where do I find love/fulfillment in my relationships?*
  15. Why do others seem happier than me?
  16. I wish I could get x but my family/society/work/church says I can’t, so I won’t, so how can I get x?
  17. Why can’t I love myself?
  18. What will be my legacy?
  19. How can I do more?
  20. What are my extremes?
  21. How I can stay on a few extreme points and still be in balance?
  22. Why I cannot keep myself when someone around me is unhappy?
  23. What is going on with me when someone around is unhappy?
  24. How I can to resist other influences to keep in balance my emotions?
  25. What would be an ideal mental technique to get rid of pain?
  26. What would be an ideal mental technique to get rid of my worries?
  27. What is the learning process?
  28. What would be an ideal technique to keep in my mind most of the data sets?
  29. What would be an ideal technique to recognize unclear to other people patterns or at least recognise such patterns better than other?
  30. What is an ideal technique to keep attention span for long?
  31. What is an ideal way to transfer this BS into the things that simply work 🙂

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