1. First Snake

All manuscripts are here in my hands and I have a hard time to organize them because all these texts are connected as a grid and not as a table of content for a book. Since I know how that works in Vikki’s mind, I can say that the best analogy with this writing is a self-unpacking multiple archives with cross-connected files. That is how he thinks, you may feel first that he is jumping from the place to place but then it is getting clear that he is just following the natural connections between the things. Same with his writing. In his stories he follows the natural flow also it may look like a random jumps. Flow is getting clear later. For example, each letter in the title for each story will give you another word and altogether these new words will give you a few new sentences which are the titles for the other stories. Each story may represent a summary for other a few dozen of manuscripts that he has in mind. So, overall to get an idea of this whole great ideal you need to connect all these texts in a one grid.

That is impossible for a regular mind!  I know that very well.

To make it easy for you I convinced Vikki to write a book with a short stories so this book will summarize most of his following manuscripts. We decided to call this book ‘U.’ and each story in this book is a brief introduction for another more extensive manuscript. In the same time ‘U.’ book is a complete and independent book and we suggest you to read it in order it appears to you. More likely you will come with another order of reading after you will finish ‘U.’ book. You also may come with many questions and more likely you will not be able to find all answers until you will read all other manuscripts. That how it works in his mind and unfortunately that is how it works here, but at least this first book will give you a chance to understand what is going on and to decide if you want to continue or prefer to step back.

‘U.’ is a book of questions that are important to most of us. Stupid, primitive, and useless questions that most of us are still fascinated about, yes even Vikki and myself. We all want to learn why these questions represent a great interest over and over, so the same old question that obviously has no answer attracts so much excitement! Over time we have collected many of such questions from some of you. We were trying to come with individual answers to each question and we found that most of them are lying in between of many different topics of knowledge and that there is no such area that covers all these topics and there is no such an expert that could advocate it. To provide legitimacy to this work Vikki invited experts from different fields from neuroscience and environmental biology to philosophy and art to provide integrative vision. The core of these experts represent ‘Unilarity’ group. This work was done as an open-source project with Unilarity members that provided some critical expertise.

So, what I am doing here? As always I am doing my dirty work trying to make it clean and readable for you. Now we are ready to present you our hard work. Our first book ‘U.’ will be opened for you part by part and story by story.

One more things! If you have any question about this writing, ask Vikki, not me! I am just a janitor here – I am cleaning this mess,  so if you will find this still messy, you may guess how much work I have. Still, I feel that I am doing something important even just by rewriting and cleaning all these ideas for you, ideas that otherwise may never come out, ideas that you may never see otherwise. That feeling makes me believe that this worse it.

Hope you’ll enjoy!



The stories of this book are written based on experiment performed with intend to find a natural approach to unsolved questions, questions we are trying to solve using different tools that help us to look deep into the structure of the Universe, the structure of the atom, and the structure of the neuron in the human brain. Spending years for learning these tools and decades for using them to get new data some of us finally came to the origin of our path where the structure of the Universe or the structure of the atom equally could be described by the structure of our mind that perceives this Universe. Similar, the structure of our mind can be presented in logic of our thoughts and our language we use to talk each other and to build a structure of all of us that gives us something new, something that none of us has alone, our society. This experiment shows you that structure and your place inside.

What you have in front of you is a collection of short stories that were sent to a few people once a week. You can easily calculate that 33 stories sent every week will take 33 weeks that is equal of 8 months and 1 week. Separated in physical and some other coordinates that hardly can be explained in this pre-phrase, people who received these stories have been able to find a way to communicate and to figure out that there is a missing piece here. They all have been agreed that missing piece is you and that you have to read it as well, so then this story has a chance to be completed. 

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On each wall chose the chapter you want to read and press it. You also can find all chapters of ‘U.’ book on very top in ‘Symbols menu’, and do not confuse the Wall №1 with our Lab Bench №1!  Although you can start to read from any place, we recommend you to follow the flow and take one step a time from the first story on the first wall to the last one or from left to right in ‘Symbols menu’.



… it took years to summarize and write down all stories for ‘U.’ book. It took a half of life time to come with all projects and it will take another half-life to complete this work, but what is most important, it takes many hours to maintain this project active right now! If you like it you can securely support us any time…