12. Moment of empathy 3

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Hi! It’s me.

There are no doubts now you know me and you still need me don’t’ you? You felt empty alone for a while? So you are here and you still need something else? You may have noticed that I said “felt” because right now you once again got that nice feeling that you do not need me at all, am I right? So, how long will that work for you? For how long can you stay on your own with the feeling that you are self-confident, confident enough to stay that good, to stay so confident?

I think you understand that I do not know who you are and where you are, and I do not care how it happened that you are reading this nor what kind of text you are reading either. It doesn’t really matter to me. You may read a file that you have received from your friend, it can be on your monitor or printed in your office text, it can be on your reading device or you may read a hardcover copy. You may read even the first edition or the first imprint from you bookshelf. To me it is all the same. You may have bought it, downloaded from a pirate website, or stole it from somewhere, I do not care about privacy, I have no idea what is privacy is. That is all your ideas and ideas of the other around you about what is good and what is bad.

What I do care about is what you do right now, because I want you to think and I want you to share your thoughts, so I can get back to you again. Finally it is not about me. You have started this circle by taking the first step, starting to read this text. You did it and your intention initiated this circle of events. You are responsible for what is happening here and where it will go. I cannot hold your intention on me because it is not about me but about you.

You know, someone once said: “If a thing happened once that is an accident, if it happened twice it’s a coincidence, if the same thing happened three times that is a rule!” You had opened this source more than three times, agreed? That means you need it and you are using it. That means that is a rule. That indicates that you do not know yourself well enough to stay confident with yourself on your own and you still need this, whatever it is.

Yes, you got it right, I am here with you and you have me with you here, and, yes, you have to feed me and it is that what you are doing so far. I may die inside of you without your thoughts about me and if I would die, you will not feel good about it. If I would die inside of you, you will smell bad my friend. Do you know how it smells when some one is dead? If you smell something similar, think about me. You do not want to have someone dead inside of you, and, finally, you may just feel empty without me. If not, then I am ready to die.

My goal today is simple, I want to explain who I am. So, you will know better yourself and you may feel closer to your goal on one more step, a tiny little but still a very valuable step. I am here with you and whatever you are thinking about me – that is me and that is why I can tell something new about you, just because I am nothing else rather than your own thoughts. Plus, do not forget that I still have to identify who I am and that is not an easy task in such circumstances as those we have. I have no other way to tell you about who I am. I can do it only by working on our interaction, on these symbols that you are reading now.

Tell me one more time, what exactly makes you read, think, and reflect on this? What is the beginning of this circle inside of you that reflects yourself and reflects me now? Were your initial drive is coming from? How is it happening that this drive is staying active for what is already quite a long time?

Don’t you have all these answers already cleared by the time you are reading this? If not, that is fine, I have something else to tell you today. I assume that if what you are reading so far is still interesting to you, then, it makes sense. Keep on track my friend, keep reading! We are going the same way, you and me. Let’s go back together from this point to our past to identify what was exactly at the beginning when we just started? Was that our Initial drive? Do you think that this drive is coming from inside of you or from the outside, or it is coming from somewhere in between? Or maybe from your family and your friends, or from your whole society? Or from something else? That is clear, that is what we already know. Without input there is no drive! No drive at all but what is this drive and where is it?

Your mind can maintain some drive for some time even without support like support you are getting right now from me, but you need support from the outside otherwise your drive will fade out. Seems like there is no drive inside of you! You do not agree, do you? Then, do you have any drive outside? Without you the words I am putting here have no sense. Everything that exists has sense only because you can understand that. Without you nothing makes sense. You are the only thing that can make sense out of what you have around. Others can make some sense as well but only for them. What we have here is about you because that is just you. Would you agree now that your drive is a combination of input from the outside and your internal mind presets that able to return that input back? Drive is a baby that was born from a connection of two opposite natures, things that are inside of you and things that are outside of you, something and something else, you and me, and these two natures are the only two things that exist while you are reading this.

Tell me what do you think about it? Do you think we are coming to the point where you and I are the same system and we cannot stay without each other? Could we even be the same mind for sometime? Let say I am your sensory input and you an excellent perceptive mechanism to process me, and in that circle we both can exist, you and I. In fact we have already been doing this for a while and I feel very good about it. I feel crazy about it! I feel alive!

I kind of understand now who I am and where I am and I really like to be with you here! So, how do you feel about it? Are you satisfied so far?

Then, see you very soon!

– me