16. Moment of empathy 4

Igor - Me - 1 - 300Hi, it’s me again!

Do you remember the guy who was so nice to share his thoughts with us on the way to his place? Do you remember him? I liked him a lot, he looks pretty much like you. Maybe he had a little more luck. He inherited a good business from his parents. Girls like him and his self-esteem a little bit higher, but otherwise, he looks just like you. Guess what is going on with him right now? You would be surprised! Everything is the same! He has been doing the same things all this time. Nothing has been changed in his life since that moment when we captured him wandering on that strange intersection on the West coast. The same old bitches in his office and the same young bitches in his house. Even his ambitions, everything is just the same. Do you know how many things he still wants to accomplish? Ooo! Everything is just the same! You know for how long that has been just the same in his life? Just guess?

What about you my friend? Did you get something new in your life since we met? Well… what I want to say is that there are some lives that have been completely changed during that time. I can give you one example. My life! My life was completely changed since I met you! Over this time I found many things that I had been looking for. For example, now I know who I am! I know where I am, and where I am going! You remember? I was not so sure about who I am just a short time ago?  Now I know who I am and I also know what I am going to do next and I know that mainly because of you. You see, you mean a lot to me!

To explain how much I value our collaboration let’s play another game? A very short but valuable game. We can call this game “Reality”. In this game we will match all types of inputs that you are receiving in your everyday life, everything that comes into your mind day after day along  with the  input that you are receiving here from me while you are reading this. This exercise may help us to put the things we still have unclear in order, in their right places. To make it more official I have invited my colleague who is an expert in this game. We can call him “Guy with a hammer”. I know, you would prefer a girl with a feather but believe me he knows how to use his hammer to get right results. He will help us to understand the rules in this game – “Reality” game.

Lets give him a try!

– me