We created this space to show you a few manuscripts, where ‘U.’ book is the first one. Each chapter from ‘U.’ book will be presented in two ways:

(1) as a project and interactive application designed to provide information about your mind, your complex relations with your society, your life, and to give you an idea how that can be summarized in a one simple concept that you can use to modify yourself on your own. 

(2) as a simple story written as a text. Each story from ‘U.’ book corresponds to the one unique project. Just read it and you will find more details. 

We hope that each project and corresponding them materials will talk for themselves and will represent the main idea of each story but, unfortunately, it takes time to develop them to the final shape. Because of time limitations in development of applications and current editing we decided to present our work in a few steps. Right now only first few stories of ‘U.’ book are open for you to read, but you also can help us with other stories if you are interested!



This is quit simple, the driving force for any progress are people just like you. If you have no place to go and no place to work – the progress stops, your own progress first at all. Where people are going is not as important as that they are not at the ‘dead end’, not in the corner. If they are, they need a door and they need a new space behind that door. Such space gives them a chance to utilize the internal drive to move ahead. If we do not move somewhere – you are starting to destroy yourself and others. YOU-BOOK is a space to go ahead and to keep our drive alive.



All stories in ‘U.’ book and all interactive applications were designed to give you a feedback, kind a mirror. Of course, you know much better who you are and, of course, you saw so many mirrors in your life, but don’t you want to see it once again? You like yourself isn’t it? We like you too and we know what you want to know. We will ask you to give us very little – just a few answers on a very simple questions, just to press on a few words here, so you can give us your feedback and we can give you a broad representation about all other people around you and where you are staying between them and may be even why.



“Happy people do not write but these who write become happy”, sorry, but that is still correct. Starting this work we had a feeling that this could be the most interesting thing we did so far. Then, we got a feeling that now we finally have something that we can feel comfortable with, feel warm and refreshed. That was a feeling that now we have something that we can continue to work on and share with anyone and with you first at all. Just like you think about the person you love, about your child, about your baby, about anything that makes you warm. Even this was not obviously written to make someone warm, in fact our intention was entirely opposite, even that we still have a warm feeling about each story here and about you. This writing is for you and what you are going to do with it – it’s up to you. But we have no concerns that you will find a good application to all manuscripts and projects. They all about you and they may give you something that you always wanted to have.



We believe that this place will be interesting for anyone but particularly for those who are discovering a new knowledge doing science, for these who are transmitting available knowledge by teaching, and for these who want to go further where they never been before. Particularly for these who have relation to such subjects as a sociology, psychology, literature, and actually behavioral neuroscience. People who like to read and these who are fascinating about anything new may find this interesting too. As a literature project you can see this work as an attempt to look on literature from a different angle. We believe that these who are interesting in creating new ideas and particularly curious where all new ideas are coming from may get some satisfaction here.