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There is no clear reasons, but

(1) Someone must take that place and he is a good one.

(2) We need to use someone, so we can take his life from 1 y.o. until his death, from 0% to 100% of his impact, and use this life as a template to talk about you. 

(3) Even some of his works available on public domains, it is primary unsorted and not dated, so it is quit hard to follow the line of his life based on his works.

(4) Even he is a well-known artist his work primary preserved now in private collections. 

(5) He is still vague enough to give you a chance by choosing one or another of his works tell us about yourself.

(6) Yes, he is helping us to make a portrait of you, so we can show it back to you in our mirror.

(7) Again, he is not an object of excitement here. He is not an artist anymore but a tool.

(8) He came to my mind first, sorry, it easily could be some one else.

(9) Finally, it is not about him. 

It is about you!


Press below on the periods of Bacon’s life to see the difference in artistic expression:

Age (corresponding stage)
Corresponding years of Bacon’s life
Stage of individual development Effect on Society
0-7 (God) 1909-1916 Universal No effect only absorption.
7-15 (Primate) 1916-1924 Learning    Minimal interaction.
15-25 (Mammal) 1924-1934 Action
Searching for his own style. First acknowledgments with “Crucifixion”.
25-45 (Reptile) 1934-1954 Cooperation Challenging and cooperation with society, working on the most influential works, like “Popes”
45-65 (Insect) 1954-1974 Skilled Improving his style and techniques. Multiple “portraits” and “triptychs” as a return to society the most of his potential as an artist.
65-83 (Mollusk) 1974-1992 Integrity Reevaluation of his path, rewriting triptych, philosophical themes and less provocative works.


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