‘Questions about ‘U.’ book’

These questions we want you to answer about each story. If you can do that, your contribution will help a lot.  That is very important for us!

1. What is your personal impression of this story?

2. Which story and what is most impressive/appealing to you, why?

3. Which stories are less impressive, why?

4. What is the most important stories or statements for you, why?

5. Which stories you think need to be substantially improved, changed, eliminated?

6. Would you see a novel behind each story? Would continue to make each of them as an independent novel?

7. If no one will continue this work on new stories and you read only a few that open to this time, would you still want to come with some ending? What you would do if no one will send it to you? Would you be interesting to continue it? If yes, which approach you would take?

8. What kind concept you see behind these all stories at this time?

9. If none, what concept you would like to make out of it? Concept that will be important to you.

10. What are the main values of these shorts for you? Sensual, intellectual, psychological, literature-art, philosophical, …? Of course if you see any values at all.

12. Can you compare these stories with something else that everyone knows, regarding their sense and style?

13. What you would improve, change, delete, or add if it would be your work at this point?

14. To how many people you may want to send this text after it will be done?

Again, please take a few minutes and answer these questions for each story you read. We need you to get involve in our work and this is going to be the easiest way for us to collaborate!