20. Moment of empathy 5

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Hi, it’s me!

I was just thinking about you and the people around you, and about the system of all these people. Do you think that you may have a great future with that system?

You have been playing many different roles during last years on your “scene” and you have learned many plays. It seems like you have tried most of them, doesn’t it? Looks like whatever has been written for this scene, you already know that, and you can play any of these roles. But you still want to try something else, something new? Why? You are not satisfied with all these roles you’ve had in your life?

If you really want to play a new role, do you know what kind role is it? What is your next role and what is your next play? What is your next step and why will it be different from the previous one? Why is your new role in your new play is new? Why do we, all of us around you, need it?

You know my friend, you have your purpose but you do not want to take your purpose – the purpose that your “system” is still holding for you. Your purpose, your role in one of these plays has ready for you all that time. You know that and you are aware that one of your roles is ready and waiting for you, but you think that you can pick it up anytime later. That is why now you want a different new role, something new that no one else has.

But what if your next play is not written yet? Just think, if you do not want to take what is already prepared for you, you have to make it on your own. What you want, it may not exist. How and what you are going to create next is up to you. So, you have to answer the question if you think that you can make something new in your life or not. You want to create, I know that, but can you?

You still think that I will give you your next role, but it is inside of you already and you already know how you are going to express it. Wait a second! Tell me about that place where you have this feeling and that great idea that will change this world. I want to know more details about how you feel about it! What do you have in that place of your mind that makes you so sure that what you have is that big?

Do not worry, I will not take it! No one is looking for your open spot, no one desires an empty nest. This spot is open just for you and it is your nest. No one will take it if you know what to do with it. Just do not tell me that this nest inside of you is still empty. It is impossible, you must have something there!

Sorry, is that right? You just mentioned that you do not know what is there? You do not know where to go? You want to say that you still do not know what to do? Even now?

Are you so sure that you do not know where you will eat, where you will get your bread from the hand of your “system”, like a dog? Of course you know! You will not think about anything and especially about bullshit like this if you do not know if you will eat tomorrow or not. If you have even little concerns that you will have nothing to eat, you will not read – you will fight for your piece of bread. Like an animal, and it is up to you if you want to be a wolf and fight for food every day or a dog to whine one whole night to convince your master to keep you safe and warm for the next week or two.

It doesn’t matter who you are. Go your way and eat whatever you will find. In that place where you always get your food from the hand that you so admire or from the others places where you have never been considered yet. Go there. It is up to you where you will get your piece. If you want to take it somewhere else go and take it.

What did you just say?

You want to stay with one leg in your doghouse and with another leg here with me? Here where you do not even know where to put your leg? You still want to try? That is a dead end for you! If you keep one leg in your little doghouse and another leg somewhere else which is pretty much everywhere, you will not have enough support to maintain your balance. You will have to find another surface for your right and your left hands to support yourself. Do you know what you will look like in that position? You definitely will not feel comfortable, but you do not care so much about comfort now. You badly want something else. Then, I’ll tell you, from the outside, the longer you stay in that position, the more similar you are to a cow that wants to maintain her balance standing on four different height chairs. That is what will happen to you if you keep at least one leg in your doghouse.

You have everything you need there, don’t you? You are just OK with it. Why? You feel way too safe? You know, I cannot decide for yourself if you want to be a dog or wolf or someone else. It is up to you and it doesn’t really matter from others perspectives that you may be living in a doghouse. You want to know more about their, and about your perspectives? Well, we can talk about it if it is what you worried about.

One thing I agree with is that you have to consistently create something new. Something else that you do not have in your dog house. Your new play and your new step. If you do not do that, you will have no future, at least not exactly the future you want. Unless you have good, careful warm hands close to you. Close enough, so you can take bread out of these hands whenever you want. Is it something that you also feel? But I know something about you. You are not that kind of dog that lives in his master’s house and sleeps on his bed.

These dogs do not think they just react. Why else master would keep them so close? Whatever they do – they do not think. They cannot steal food like you. These who think and can fight must be outside in a cold doghouse on a chain. Dogs in master’s house do not need to think. You do! That is why you are on a chain. You can be aware of strangers to protect your master and maybe it will help you to find your own way. That is the only difference you have between you and these who have a better life and that is your only force.

I hope you understand that whatever you are doing, all of that, will help to your master no matter if you want it or not, but you do not need to think about your master if you want to go your own way! You just have to decide what do you feel to your Master? Do you love him or you hate him? If you love him you fine, stay warm with your love. If you hate him you are in the right place too, stay there and wait until you have your chance to bite his leg or have other chances for revenge. But if you feel nothing to him and nothing is holding you except your chain, you may find your way out and find something else in your life.

Lets recollect what you have been going through during that time that we have been together? You may have been playing on your “scene” and you may have got some recognition and you are thinking what to do next? You have all these cool ideas or you got your new design or even a first device that you have been working on for a while? Wow! Yes, you who created that thing! I cannot even express how cool is that!

I also hear another voice. You are sitting here now at your place surrounded by your huge volumes of bullshit that you are going to publish or by enormous data sets of the real facts and you have to process to get some ideas, yes? I think that it is right what you do either way, but you have concerns where to go in your future steps with all these ideas and with all these data sets.

Oh, there is another voice! You have been playing with your business and you have a lot of experience and even some profit. What is your experience then? Is it your knowledge of people, the way they think, the way they fight hand to hand, to survive staying with you? Is it your skills to bullshit and to survive? Is this not the same to you? Well, that is enough for now.

Ask yourself what useful things did you got over the past a few years of hard work other than your excellent skills of bullshiting? Of course that may be not right at all. You may have a lot of useful skills, but it is you who does not feel that they so useful now, do you know why? Think first! Well, I hear you… and that is the only reason why you do not want to use them?

Look at these skills one more time. That is your role and your role is waiting for you! Do you really think that no one will take your place that “system” is still withholding from you? That place is not an empty spot that you want to create from zero! That spot is supported and protected by “System” and if you will look carefully you will see that it is not empty at all, there is someone who is already there!

You want to say something?

You want to say that… that you are not?

That you know… Know what?

What to do?

That you have your … what?


No sorry, your GREAT EGO!

That EGO pushes you to put yourself even HIGHER?

Well, that is good, that is GREAT! But where?

Aaaa, there! I see it now! Good place my friend! Very nice place!

Excellent place!

And surprise, surprise!

Now you are HERE in that place!

You do not believe, but that is true! Yes, you are here right now! The superb purpose of the human being! Do you know what to do next?

Are you saying you are not there yet otherwise you would know what to do?

No my friend, if you know what is “your next” you will not stay here.

I do not argue with you, you may be going that way even now. More likely you are. Otherwise why you are still here? There are many ways to go and wolves and dogs are looking for the same just under a different angle of light and they are going there using the different ways and with the different perspectives.

Listen, why you don’t read a little story about a small animal farm? I just got it from one friend of mine who is trying to put his thoughts in a few lines. His story may help!

He believes that short story is the best way to deliver the sense and always noticing that the greatest book of all times is the shortest novel ever published, novel about a little animal farm. He is a cool guy and even if his story will not impress you, you have nothing to lose, it is very short!

– me