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Walls and Space

You close yourself to protect and that is quite common. Make a mark, put a line and, then, build a wall. One wall, another, to surround your space. Dig a ditch around, fill it with water and, then, put a second line of walls and another line, and so on. We all do that. Does it work? It does for some of us and for some time.

Fortunately we have no limits of sources from which to build our walls. We have everything we need to build the best wall. If we do not have enough sources, we can get them, if we really want we can always get them. As well as our tools. All the tools are available. There are no limits and we can choose good tools to build great new walls and good tools to break down the old. If we want, we have no limits in sources to build walls at all. Our only limits are space and time.

As we continuously build our walls, someone else tirelessly is testing these walls with more and more heavy tools to break them down. It is an endless process, unless someone wants to stop it. No one wants to. There are no winners in this game since sources are unlimited as well as desire to win.

We know that the defending side always loses, but the active winner also gets nothing except a feeling of being a winner. This is basically the only thing we are fighting for. In fact, the winner is just waiting for the time when he will also need to defend and lose.

The wall can be cracked early on or later, any wall. By testing all of the available tools any wall can finally be broken. The only way to defend against unlimited tools is to put more walls. One must consistently and as fast as possible build more and more walls around, and soon, you will have only walls. No space.

To put more walls you need more space. Space has limits. Space is a reason to fight, to fight with those who still have more space than you. But after a while, there is no space, only walls, and there is no space in between the walls. Only emptiness. Nobody uses it. Emptiness is useless. Any wall will be broken, that is the wall’s purpose and they are all empty in between. As well as you. You are empty and useless like these walls, because the only things that you have – your Walls and your Emptiness. In fact you already do not have even that.

Man kills everything he loves even his own space.


Emptiness and Time

You know your walls. They are empty and have no purpose but they protect your own sense you want to keep safe. It is not easy. You do not want to get bored with empty walls anymore and to protect yourself from attacks you started to break down your protection, your walls. You want to break all your walls. So, no one will see that target, your red bulls eye. So, no one will find even a single point inside of you, to catch you, to get you, and to use you. So, no one can any longer leave in your memory any pain, and any destruction. That doesn’t happen in one day though, it takes long time. It takes years.

As a rule, after all these years of building the walls you do not even know how many walls you have. But you use the same principle that you used before to breakdown other’s walls – you test all available sources to check if it gets you. If it hurts, if it still does, then, there is a wall, there is a place to touch you. Break it! Remove these old walls completely, so no one can hurt you anymore!

Now you have many helpers around you, helpers with all the tools that you used earlier against them. They all are trying to find something that can hurt you, pull you, and break you, and you need them for that. No one can refuse the pleasure that it is to test your weak points, your weak old walls, to try your new ones, new pain and new pleasure, but finally pain, and you appreciate the help in breaking the wall that still left, one more spot of your weaknesses.

After all your walls smashed, you are smoothing all the sharp edges on the stones that are still not broken. Stones that are still left out of your great castle. Castle is gone but basement is still here. You polish all the sharp angles on these stones to such a level, so, they can perfectly reflect the sunlight that is now smoothly reflected with no interference and does not touch anything inside of you. As before, you have no limit in helpers and your helpers have no limit in sources to develop stronger tools to test you. Now, you also have no limits in space. No needs in walls – no needs in space. Now your only limit is time.

You think it is better to be invisible and untouchable, why not? That is so simple, just break all your walls, break whatever you have inside and polish whatever you cannot break. You did it well! Then what? Then, what you wanted, what you were waiting for so long for, that did not happen! Your freedom is not there. There is no freedom in what you had expected. In fact, nothing happened the way you expected, because there is something else that wants this freedom, wants it as well as you.

Smoothing all your sharp edges, accepting everything that you can and cannot accept, you are losing your own shape and your own appearance. You have disappeared. You have been empty but you had a shape. Now you have sense but no one can see it, and no one needs this invisible sense. Not even you! Especially you, because you do not exist anymore.

Man kills everything he loves even his own time.


Walls and Emptiness

You also learned how to hide walls under emptiness and emptiness beneath the walls. Of course that works much better! Look at him – he is empty, completely nothing! But why he is standing here like a monument and nobody can take his space? Strange, could it be that walls keep him so strong? Still, no one can find anything. Perfectly empty!

It takes time to find out that entirely all of his walls  are well masked by emptiness and his emptiness is well masked by walls. Together they make a shape and keep his sense alive. So, if he still has walls to protect his sense, you need to find and break them down! You are looking for his words, his comments, his thoughts, his manners, his ideas, and his results. You are starting to dig out everything from his emptiness. Anything that can direct you toward what you are looking for, and then, you’ve got it! A nice perfectly protected strong tower! Hit it and small crack appears, another hit, and it is broken, but inside it is empty, nothing! That was not a real one!

Start to look for another one. It must be somewhere here, very close, and yes, one more, and it also is empty, and another one, and also nothing! You are spending a long time playing this game. Spending your only limitation, your own time, with no success. You break down these multiple walls in multiple towers multiple times and in fact you are wandering in emptiness to find a new false wall to break it again and again, and so on.

Earlier or later you understand that there are no difference between walls and emptiness. They are all the same. There are no walls there are no space in between they all are parts of the same system – a big sponge. Emptiness is hidden under any wall and wall is hidden under any emptiness. Now, finally, you can see his great perfect shape! He stays here and he is huge! Finally, you understand his purpose to keep you inside of him to do your work on finding his own sense.

He is strong and nothing works to break him. Nothing, like he does exist, and in fact he is not. He does not exist anymore. He just holds you and many others like you inside of him. He holds many of you in his huge shape to keep him in shape. Only that way he can stay that huge and strong. Only that way you can see him, and only that way you can see yourself and your own role and your purpose to be a part of him. Only that way you can exist here no matter how well you are protected or how empty you are.

He doesn’t exist without you and you already know that, but do you exist? Maybe or let say you exist partly because of him or in a different way from him, from this huge sponge, this huge coral reef. Different way from him and from those who are already knocking on your back and asking to move ahead, deep in his nature, or get out. Do you still have limits? No. No space, no time, no future, no limits!

Man kills everything he loves even his own sense.