Franki Screams-SC



This is Vikki


Dr. Victor Frankenstein

… in his best years



and this is me..

Igor - What's hamp?-SC

All this time we have worked hard and performed billion of experiments. Our study on human brain moved us to the deepest questions of the Human nature. Sorting out data we designed and created universal source of human knowledge and as a side work we had to create a space to keep that knowledge. Understanding the brain circuitry we moved to the social network. Multiple clones of that creature are all around you. These and many other things one day were here on our lab bench.


Vessels - 1-SCWe have created many things and some of them you do not even realize in your every day life. We first performed open heart surgery in our basement and the first transplants were implanted in your body right there. We started to collect mold from the wet walls to make recovery better and to protect you from infections while you was recovering in the same basement. All these and many other things came out of our laboratory. Now we have some cool stuff on our lab bench as well and it will come soon from our lab into your hands. You’ll be excited to see it!

We almost done with ‘Ultimate Search Engine’ that will help you to find not only the things that you already know but also the things that never been created even in your thoughts, thoughts that you never had but could have based on what we already know about your mind. We have our ‘Pandora’s Box’ that keeps all troublemakers out in one and very safe place. Many other cool things you can find on our lab bench.


1. MonsterBut the most important of all our creatures so far is You. Yes, you, sitting in front of you monitor and reading this. It took long time to make you the way you are. You with and without your make up, you as a monster, you as a vampire, you  as a werewolf, and whoever you want to be to feel good about yourself. To see yourself on a screen, on stamps, in your mirror, and this is not the end. We have a lot plans about your future and we guarantee that you will be very very surprised!

All that time, during our endless experiments, Vikki was making his notes. Especially after we started to perform experiments on you living freely in your own environment just after you left your home. Vikki’s notes became the main place where he described our latest works and his brilliant thoughts.  Now, he is insisting on publishing them. What I can say?

– “Yes master!”

Unfortunately all his notes are so messy! Just like everything he is doing in his life. He never takes a time to complete his work to recognizable shape. He just wants to know that his ideas work and move on. I am here to clean, so it is my work to make it clear, and it took me a few years to make his notes readable and actually I had to rewrite them completely. In first manuscript ‘U.’, I think, Vikki wants to discuss not just about our work on creating you but primary about who you are right now. I actually do not know why he wants to talk to you about it but that is not my business. Other thirty something manuscripts still on a way. I am working hard to make them readable for you! Plus I have so many other things to do in the lab. Excuse me for my mistakes, you know, it is not my first language and again I am just doing my dirty work here.

You want to ask about Vikki? His is busy as always, plus he is trying to start something that he calls ‘A BLOG’. He was not able to explain what is that, I think he is just spending most of his time for fun and leaving all messy and dirty work to me. I left for his ‘A BLOG’ some space in our storage room.

What else? I guess he is also getting old, otherwise nothing is new!