This is how this place looked when I came here! My first job was to clean it up and set up the lab. So, He can create YOU!   The next photo was made an year after. I did a lot of work, to make this place cozy and warm. This is a place where YOU was born!
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Now, many years after you left your home we moved our lab to a new place. We do not use all these tools anymore, we do not need to put electrodes in your brain, it is too late. Now you have to choose what you want to insert in your mind. Now it is up to you but we still need a place to continue our work and now it is here! 

This is our ‘PRODUCT & DEVELOPMENT’ department and here we test our crazy ideas! Yes, they are crazy and they are lying in between science and science fiction, between reality and imagination. 

Results of our work always go somewhere else, to the other places where you can use them. Some appear as a tools, some as a knowledge and manuscripts, some go to the other labs but finally they all go out. 

We still have here our four lab benches and each bench corresponds to a certain wall of your mental box. You can find more about these ‘Walls’ in ‘U.’ book. We will show you one bench a time so you can learn our lab in a few steps. 

Here is the first lab bench:



Lab Bench - 1

This is our first lab bench and the first puzzle for you.


This is also a first set of manuscripts we want to share.


At this lab bench we are working on your mind and ideas around your mind.



To see what is going on in our lab – press on this picture and chose the subject you like!

We still do not know how to call all our ‘subjects’, we just studying them to understand. We use conventional names like ‘brain’, ‘society’, ‘circuitry’, but we know that each of these subjects includes milliards of unknown and exciting facts that we still have to find. Occasionally our experiments produce some results that we even do not expect. That is how it works in science. We just studying what we do not know!

Still, most of the ideas you will meet here are practical and you will see how ideas become products and how these products may change your life and return on our lab bench as a new ideas. You will see it during the next few years!



1. Tools for science




Here you can find:

– some useful tools,

– some broken tools,

– unmarked chemicals,

– forgotten manuscripts,

– uncompleted projects, and

– pretty much everything else!


Except subjects that we keep either on a lab bench or in biohazard waste.



1. Biohazard - 3

This is another side of our work. Yes, shit happens but to make it happen some one has to work pretty hard. We have to keep all remnants a side since we cannot keep it on our lab bench where they will intoxicate our subjects. Our maintenance service suppose to come and remove this waste so do not worry, you are safe, but be cautious!


Make sure you know our safety rules!

1. In this lab there are NO rules, NO reviewers, and NO risk for your reputation!

2. Here you do what has sense to you, of course if you know what are you doing. 

3. Talking about similar things in academical lab may cost you reputation but here we are open to any crazy ideas. Try anything, try to use what you will find here!

4. Do not expect to find here something new if you deeply believe that there is nothing new.

5. Please remember: the only thing you can lose here is yourself, and the biggest danger for you here is you, just like in your normal life!


Igor withn switch - 1-SC