What you will do here?

Igor I do not know - 1-SC-1

It is totally

depends on

what you want!  


For example,

you can choose

one of these options:


(1) Learn more about us?  Go to the Who we are?

(2) Read Something new?   Go to the ‘U.’, it is here

(3) Find what is next? – Go to the Manuscripts

(2) Start to Work?  Go to the Related Projects

(3) Get Crazy? Go to the Laboratory

(4) Relax?  Go to our Library

(5) Meet?  Go to  Interactive

(6) Meditate?  Go to Space 

(7) Decide? Go to Support

(8) Talk?  Go to Contacts

(9) Learn U-self? Go to Quizes

(10) See U-self?  Go to the Mirror

(11) Find Something? – Go to the Symbols


Still no clue why you are here?

Then, lets talk more about YOU-BOOK:

– The initial idea was to develop a space that you can read as a book…

– Why?

– Have you seen other places around? They all the same: ‘ABOUT’, ‘CONTACTS’, ‘STORE’, ‘LINKS’, and … all, all the same! We started to develop a structure that is totally different and… one day I will show you that design but not now.

– Why?

– Because the structure of everyday life is usually the same, it is neat and protective, and it simply works for you and your mind will not eat totally new ideas.

– … ?

– You do not believe? We have tried to present a new reality that can move you further but it did not work well. Unfortunately, now we have to make our next steps not with a pace of our drive but with a pace of your rhythm. We have to use design of reality that works well for you, reality that you already know. That  is not what we want but at least by using your ‘Objective reality’ as a tool we can show to you why and how it works for you that well.

– …

– That is how we came to our last experiments and to all stories for ‘U’ book. That is why our decision was to create a space that you can read as a book that you already know but even if you quite familiar with all chapters of this book you are still going be surprised making any your steps here.

– …

– … and if you really want to understand what is going on, start to read the main menu from right to left, going the opposite direction, and then the top menu with symbols from left to right, and so on until you see the circle. Yes, that may help!

Welcome to YOU-BOOK!