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The idea of mirror is not a new and over the centuries we all have been fascinating about reflection and learning ourself through the reflection of our own thoughts and emotions and so far it teaches us who we are and why we are doing what we are doing. The concept of ‘reflection’ is  still a mainstream in philosophy, sociology, physiology, neuroscience, and pretty much in any field where we are trying to learn ourself. This work is not going to any specific subjects of our knowledge but rather is trying to cover the gaps we have in between artistic expression, literature variations, futuristic and scientific thinking. We cannot say that we are taking any of these fields but we hope that we are making something new in between. In between all of you who are reading this and who are writing this. This is your Mirror!
We designed this whole space as a mirror. All stories in our first book ‘U.’, all web applications, and pretty much all things you can find here were designed to give you only one thing – your own reflection, with a feedback that you will be able to show yo yourself. To complete this mirror for you we are asking to give us very little. Just your response on what you see here, just give us a few answers, and we can give you an idea of where you are staying beyond all other people and may be even why.



‘MIRROR’ is under construction and it supposed to be completed by the end

of this project that we started to build this ‘MIRROR’ for you. 

It is going to be opened for you piece by piece,

month by month and year by year,

until you can see yourself

in your whole