6. TA©IT

6. Tic Tak Toe



What about our rules?


What about these little things that make our conversation possible? If we know them, then we can guess where it goes, agree? If we know that we have the same rules, you and me, then we know that we are going in the same direction. Now we have some kind of communication between and the rules of this communication make it happen, but please tell, do you see any one else around? No? Me either. I see only you and everything that is going on here is happening in your mind and these rules are primary rules of your own communication with yourself. Well, you can call this your attempt to understand everything else. Everything that gives you shapes and sources to build the walls, walls of your mental box.

When you are talking about the shapes you observe, at that moment you are building your own place where you feel comfortable to stay. Your mental box is to protect, it is a place to hide and to survive. This box is a place to make a step out, step somewhere else. This is a place to test things that outside of your box. To test these things you are using patterns. Depending on condition of your mental box and quality of your patterns you have different sense to this world and this world has different sense to you. Then, depends on that you are happy or not.

Of course that is not that simple. You cannot be simply happy or unhappy. You have too many things in between. You know how to make things complex. That is a great feature of your mind. When you have more than one option, more than one thing to choose from, you are making mess. Your life is an entire mess. You can make structure only out of mess but you have to make mess first.

That is how your mind works. First you have to make mess and only then you have to make something else that will be different from the mess. That something else usually has some kind structure. Your life supposed to be a mess and there is no interest here to make this mess even messier. Either you like it or not but some purification is the only way to settle things down and to clarify the rules, your own rules that make this conversation possible!

Agree? Then, lets play a game …

Tacit 1




You know this game isn’t it? But the rules in this game are going to be a little bit more realistic. In this game 1st column will be a “Shape” or your mental box that, of course has certain shape, 2nd column is your “Patterns”. 3rd column is your “Effect” that you have on this world using or not using your Shape and Patterns.

You will fill cells with “X” and I will fill cells with “O”. Putting “X” in 1st or 2nd column will mean that you are choosing Shape or Pattern. If I put “O” in either 1st or 2nd column, this will mean that you are not using them. To fill the 3rd column with Effect, you have to fill all other cells in the same line first, i.e. cells with Shape and Pattern. That must be done first just as in real life. If these rules sound complex, you may skip them and go ahead to read below and then come back to the rules again, if you need it. In both ways it’s going to be pretty simple.

One more thing, since this is a real game we cannot repeat combination of Shape and Pattern twice. As in a real life, if you tried that once, then, you already know what will happen and there is no reason to repeat it. Finally, it is up to you but if you repeat the same steps you are not going to win.

Lets start!

You use “X” and, of course, you start first since you my guest!

Tacit 2





Perfect, great start! I put my “O” on pattern. Then, we have our first condition: “Shape and no Pattern”.

Tacit 3





You know how that works when you do not want to have a deal with all these annoying things that are around you? When you simply tied, when you want to hide in your box, hide in that shape and use no patterns to communicate, so, no one can find you. That is exactly what we have here in condition N.1

BOX           PATTERN

YES            NO       

You are using your Box to protect yourself and you are using no patterns so no one can see you. YOU ARE HIDING! Childish, but that is what we are starting with when we have to learn things and that is what we always need when things are going in a wrong way.

Do you have effect on the real things that are outside of your box in such condition? Probably not. You are hiding, you do not need effect. So, I guess you have to skip Effect, since you do not have it here and move to the second line to put your “X” on Pattern. Well, I’ll put my “O” on a Shape. Then, we have our 2nd condition.

Tacit 4






Here you grew up and now you already know how to create patterns for communication and to test the things that are outside of your box, but sometimes you need to escape from your box to be more effective and more productive. You may need to dissolve your mental box and use only your patterns to achieve the best effect. Sometimes someone else also may want to dissolve your box to help you find a bigger space or to simply destroy you. All that happens in this 2nd condition.

BOX           PATTERN

NO              YES       

Lets look on it closer. There are two main options when you are going to use it:

Option I: When you want to impress, when you want to produce a “cool” and new stuff, your box, your shape in this case may keep you in some restrictions. You cannot be really cool sitting in your mental box. In this case your Box or Shape is your weakness and anyone who will see it will see your weaknesses no matter what you are telling to them. Then, you have to push on Patterns and hide your Box. That is what I am trying to do right now with you. You do not see me but you see my patterns that I use to communicate with you and that is not that hard since you do not know me and you do not know what my Box is look like.

Option II: Having Patterns but not a Box is also a good tactic to “attack” other mental boxes that could be individual or even group box. For example, right now I am using some patterns to impress you, to dissolve your mental box so you can see another box, the one that I have ready for you, the one that is bigger than what you have, but I agree, you box may be as big as mine or even bigger. I really do not know that because I have no idea who you are. That is why you will not see my box. I am using only patterns and for you I have no Box and no Shape. I have nothing except the things that you have and the rules of our communication, and that is enough for us to build something that you are looking for. Build it inside of you! That is a deal we made and I am pretty sure we are going the right direction. Plus, you already know that you are not alone in reading this story and altogether we may have a bigger box compare to your box and to my box. Here we all: you, me, and all others. We all have a chance to jump into a bigger group box.

As you may guess I would like to use all possible patterns to impress you but your mind can recognize only a few patterns at time. That is why I am trying to use as many patterns as you can process at the time and, since I have no idea about your mind, I give you what I believe you would like to get. I give you what may impress you and what may have sense to you, simply because it makes certain sense to me. I assume that if you are reading this you are not very different from me.

Do you want to know what may happen out of this, out of this communication between you and me? If this story will impress you and if it will give you something else that you really need, then there are three possible consequences of our interaction: Plan A, Plan B, and even Plan C.

Plan A: You may jump into a BIGGER BOX that I have ready for you. Then you have to find a bottom of that new for you box and the walls of that box, so you can stay there safe. If you will find them, you may feel comfortable in your new bigger box and have more room for your future actions. That is VERY GOOD for EVERYONE! For you because you finally will find something else that you were looking for and for me because I was able to make it for you and prove that I am something! You know, that is very important for me. Everyone else I hope will be just happy for both of us.

Plan B: My BOX is TOO BIG for you and you will not be able to find the floor and the walls when you will get in my bigger box. Then, you will FALL. If this box is way too big for you, then falling down you can even destroy yourself. It is hard to explain what exactly may happen to you in this case. Let say you may have a hard time in your future to “move ahead”, to start new things, or you may have some problems to find another box, and even to find your previous box. I guess you know what that mean. I also hope that your past experience was helpful and not destructive and you still want to go forward even if you have a chance to fall.

Plan C: You do not care about your bigger box. You extremely protective and conservative that I also appreciate, but in this case I have to say to you goodbye. If you are curious but still want to stay protective, then, why you have spent all that time with me? That is useless, please stay where you are.

These three options are what could happen in our 2nd condition when you have your Box dissolved and you use only your Patterns. You may want to ask which “plan” you have to choose, A, B, or C, so that will work FOR YOU WELL? My answer – I do not know. You have to decide it for yourself before you touch a new box and you have to do it based on your previous experience and your knowledge.

What I want you to do is not just to read these stories, but to make your own sense to this world. I want you to dissolve your mental box and to intervene with your personal sense, with your patterns, the entire world. You can even use the same strategy I am using right now with you. When you “Dissolve” your mental BOX you’ll have a chance to get into a different BIGGER BOXES. Many BIGGER BOXES! It could be a Group Box of 2 or 3 other people. It could be even SOCIETY BOX. It could be EVEN BIGGER BOX that ONLY YOU CAN CREATE!

The only problem in 2nd condition is that you will not have any effect until you have your Shape back. If you have only Patterns and no Shape and no Box, you will not be able to process something from the outside to the inside of your Box to observe the effect you made. In this condition you can just expose your patterns and you will not be able to see the things that you are making. For that you need a Shape.

Since you again have no effect, you are skipping Effect cell one more time and you are moving to the 3rd line to fill Shape with “X”. I will start to fill with “O” 3rd column in the 1st raw where you have no effect.

Tacit 5





Then, you have to put your “X” on pattern in 3rd line, so we will have our last condition. Meantime I will fill with “O” your effect at condition 2.

Tacit 6





Here is our 3rd and the last option.

BOX           PATTERN

YES            YES       

As you may guess, that is the normal way we all are living everyday. Being flexible, adaptable to the world, we are playing this old game improving our patterns and by making our box stronger to protect from the things that can break it. Do I need to tell you anything new about this condition? Is there anything that you do not know already? Look, you made pretty impressive box from the mess you created in your life. You have been doing this for a long time and I am pretty sure you are an expert in this task.

Well, I have the only one thing to ask you, “are you ready to put your “X” on the last empty spot?” Do you think you can do it? Do you think you have effect in that last condition? Tell me, if you believe that you have your effect, then, why you are reading this? Why do you need something else if you already have enough feedback from the world around you? Why you need me if you have a perfect balance between you and entire world? Something wrong here, no?

Wait for now, keep this cell empty until you will finish this book, then, you will decide what to do. Believe me, I really want you to win and you will win, it is just matter of time. I want you to win not only in this game, but always win. To make that possible just wait for now. BTW, did we forget about one more option? 

BOX           PATTERN

NO              NO

Do you know what that means? Well, do you need it? If yes, go for it and do not read this. Go to VIP-ASS-ANA or somewhere else that will work for you. If you are going to the place where you have no Boxes and no Patterns, our conversation already has no sense. Although, if you do not know what is no Boxes and no Patterns means that fact may bring you to such place one day anyway. In fact, I am pretty sure that it will happen with you earlier or later and you will be there, but if you want to get there faster, I would say go for it right now. You already have all components to make it happen.

On the other side, if you want to stay in shape, you can stay here and try to think about Boxes and Patterns today. Think about your claustrophobia of BIGGER BOX that you already have. Think that this claustrophobia of bigger space keeps you in place where you are right now. Place where you feel comfortable because you have a box that protects you and where in the same time you feel incomplete and stressed out because patterns you are using in your box are not giving you ability to completely express yourself. You need more space for that. Finally, you may feel not satisfied in your present box because the combination of your Box and your Patterns is not giving you an optimal effect that you need to recognize that you are something.

Of course, you also need it. You need recognition and you need a proof that you are something. You see, what I mean? Yes, you just like me! You also need to prove that you are something, that you are real! You just using for that your so-call ‘society’, while I am using only you. In fact we just the same and we need the same. So, what we can do about it? We can try to get it together if you want.

Wait, what is the treatment for claustrophobia? Only is a targeting of EVEN BIGGER BOX. Even if you like my box do not stay here for long. If you like to read what you are reading, do not do it for long. You are here to get Something else and move ahead. You have to find your EVEN BIGGER BOX and so on.