5. Shape & Ƨymbol

Can you understand “That”












Can you understand “That” deeper than your mind can get?

If you cannot, how do you know what is “That”?

And how is “That” designed, all of that?

Let start from here

Here is a Symbol

Starts from S

It has shape


Recognizable shape

Shape that has sense to you

You know what this shape means

Meaning of this shape makes symbol

You use symbols to transmit your sense

But sense always has multiple means

Many means that you need to deliver

Want to transmit all of your means?

But your symbols have limits

Like your own space

Then you use



Pattern has no shape

S         S                         S

Y        H                          E

M       A                           N

B        P                          S

O        E,                        E, altogether have no pattern. But three lined SSS have patter

L, Big ”S” has a pattern compare to the small ”S”even if you do not know what is s is.


Can you recognize a big compound S shape on the previous page, the one that was made out of the words you just read? This S shape has both shape and pattern. Shape because you can recognize it as a physical shape and pattern because it means to you something else that none of other “s” in these words mean to you. You may think that big compound “S” may have a different sense. Bigger sense than small “s” that starts word “symbol”, bigger sense than three lined “SSS”, bigger sense than any other “s” in any word here. That is right but only you can come to such conclusion and only you can come with a bigger sense. That is going to be true mainly for you because it was your guess. Others may think similar but that is going to be another sense.

Anyone can present “S” shape in a different new way but only you may like it or not, only you can find a new sense in a new shape or not. I can give you a direction how to process this shape but only you may take it or not. Only you can find out if this makes sense to you, find something else in this new shape or find nothing. You may take this shape but not necessary my hint for the pattern. In this case you will see all “s” shapes the same way because pattern happens inside of your mind and not on this page. If I know how your mind works I can try to transmit my pattern to you. If I know that your mind works similar to my mind it is going to be even easier, but since I am not sure about your mind I can just give you a hint. I can show you direction and I will wait to see if something will happen.

Pattern in your mind comes from merging of the shapes you recognize with something else that is inside of you. Shape can be universal, shape can come from the outside and it may mean exactly the same thing to everyone. Pattern happens only inside of you. Pattern means something to you and may have different sense to the others. You can develop your own way to transmit your patterns to the others but that does not mean that others will understand that pattern the same way you do. Still, you have a chance and I hope I have a chance with you as well.

Do you know what exactly you have inside of you that makes pattern? What if we put this question in a different way – “Are you sure that this is inside of you”? I know, I just said that pattern happens only inside of your mind, but tell me how these patterns inside of your mind are different from the other patterns that others have and sending to you? Is your mind a generator of patterns or sensor for patterns?

You consider your mind as a very complex thing isn’t it? In fact it does only one task – it processes the sensory information toward the motor output. Nothing else. Your mind recognizes shapes and patterns from these shapes. Your mind processes the things that are outside of you to sends your motor response back to this world, That motor response is contractions of your muscles that make you walk, talk, write, fight, bite, etc, but finally, to interact with all these things that are outside of your mind.

Shapes and symbols is what we all learning during our life. We also learning how to recognize patterns that could be very simple like cold-hot, white-black, colors in rainbow, or more complex like patterns in IQ test. That is what makes us more or less successful in life. We are different from others in our society mainly by these two things: (1) ability to memorize many shapes and (2) ability to recognize more complex patterns.

For comparative success we have to perform these tasks better than others. What is more important, shapes or patterns? That depends on what we are doing in life, what kind task we are mastering, but recognition of patterns historically became the dominant rule of success. We need to learn shapes to be able to see patterns but recognition of the patterns become one of the most critical abilities in survival.

Patterns can give you new shapes and even shapes that do not exist. That means that by using patterns you can create! Did you notice a pipe with a smoke coming out of it at the beginning of this story? Smoke that is coming in “S” shape out of the pipe. You see it now? Yes, the patterns that you can recognize have no limits. You actually can find many other patterns on that page. You can make them up. You can come with thousands different patterns and they all will be in your mind and may have some sense to you. These patterns are your creations.

Patterns have no limits as well as your potential to recognize them, as well as your ability to create them. Shapes have limit like your own space. To create your own patterns you have to use limited shapes in limited space but patterns you are creating virtually unlimited. To make your patterns and your creations interesting to the others you need to know what others are. You have to process them the way you process other shapes and patterns. That is tricky and that is what we all are looking for and what we are fighting for.

Why the recognition of patterns is so important? For survival, just like a million years ago, prediction of weather or animals location helped you to dominate over others. Now days, completing a multiple choices test is important to get a promotion. In both tasks we are looking for patterns. Our mind can recognize and create new patterns, because it is what others need from our mind.

So, what is your mind is? Circuitry that recognizes shapes and patterns? That is right, it also creates them, but what exactly creates patterns inside of you? How these patterns inside of you are different from others patterns which are outside? Is your mind a generator of patterns or a sensor for patterns? Do you think your mind really creates them or it is just a shunt between different components that all are outside? Could your mind be just a feedback designed to process the entire world of shapes and patterns, the entire universe? Otherwise, how else universe can be further modified if not by the structures similar to your mind?

The structure of your mind is important but without combination of all inputs to your mind this structure is useless. Your mind can be entirely different depending on different goals, stages in life, environment, and combinations of sensory inputs you have. Like a river in Heraklitus’s metaphor mind is never the same. It processes everything we have around and in fact mind could be nothing but a designed by the universe system to process itself, just a mirror for the universe. To make universe more complex and still keep this complex system in structure and so on. You know why it could be important isn’t? We consider our mind as a product of evolution, society, and everything that was before us and that is around us now, and in the same time, it may be nothing else but just a connection between all these components in the universe.

That is how we live, fighting for shapes and improving our pattern recognition all the time. Because these are the only two things our mind is designed for. These are the only two things we can do. That is what we have to understand – how that all designed and that is how our own mind was designed. It was designed that way for purpose if you believe in purpose, for a big goal if you believe in a big goal, but if you do not believe in your purpose, your mind was designed for no purpose. Finally, it is up to you.

You are making purpose now as well as others made purpose before you and found a simple reason to do something that none one did before them. Your brain was designed to recognize shapes and patterns, memorize them, and create new. That way you receive and transmit sense. You were designed that way and these are the only two possibilities to transmit all types of information to communicate and finally to understand what to do next if you still do not know what is next.

Because your purpose is so simple you have to make sense. You recognize patterns because you can see the difference between the shapes and that is your simple purpose – to see the difference and to make the difference, to make sense. That is how “That” was designed, all of that. You know what that means? Not just your mind was designed that way, but all of that. You do not believe? You think that your life and the whole universe cannot be described in a few symbols on a piece of paper, but don’t you agree that your language, your communication, you ability to recognize symbols, and finally your future all are consequences of how your mind was designed?

All knowledge, all concepts, and all perspectives that others have created in the past, have been designed the same way as your mind is doing it right now. Your mind is not that different from the way it communicates with this world around you. Your mind in fact is the only way you communicate with the entire world or, to be more correct, the way entire world is trying to understand itself. Finally, the way you change this world is the way this world changes itself.

That is simple, but that is it.