7. BE★ST

Life is a strategy but the optimal strategy is not that is right









1. Life is a strategy. The optimal strategy is not a strategy that is right but the strategy that includes all possible decisions and variables, even these that are wrong.

2. With all possible variables these that are wrong can be neglected. These that are right can be neglected as well. With all variables there are no such things as wrong and right but only the variables that you did not try.

3. Practically it is impossible to have all possible variables as it is impossible to try all things in one life. Nobody knows and cannot know everything and nobody can try everything even in a small field.

4. Except the experts, experts who know more than others. They do not know everything but they know enough to say that they know more than others in their local field. To make a better decision, right decision, although there is no such thing as a right decision even in a small local field.

5. Each field has its own experts. If there is a field, there are at least two experts in that field. If you are an expert, there is another expert, otherwise there are no such field. To make the right decision, optimally, we have to accommodate all valuable opinions – opinions of all experts in particular field.

6. Strategically it is almost impossible to get opinion of all experts, but more than a half of all experts may determine the excellence of the strategy and final success. If field has too many experts, then, more than a half of top experts will make a deal. Half or even close to half of all experts is usually enough. Practically even less since most of experts are keeping distance between each other.

7. Any field even the most expanded one has no more than 10-30 of top experts. Anyone can get half of them on his side if he really wants and has enough time. Having them on your side doesn’t mean that these experts will provide you valuable advice or expertise. They just need to be on your side. If they are on your side, their decision became valuable. Valuable to you, but the final decision is always yours. You have to decide what to do having them on your side. If you still need advise to make your decision you do not need experts, you need teacher

8. In a small field just a few experts can make a deal. In a big field few experts may also have a huge impact since most of the experts have hard time to stay alone with the other experts. As a paradox, in a small field even many experts sometimes may have no sense, but critical amount of the top experts can always solve a problem of success. Usually in small field experts have small ego, but sometimes in a big field you may find an expert with small ego, but usually not, usually they all have big ego. They are experts!

9. Your strategy will work perfectly if at least half of the top experts will agree with you and you also if will agree with these experts, but what if NOT? What if experts are not convinced to be on your side? What if they have another side that is more convincing? What if you do not have enough time to convince them?

10. What if you just a newcomer who has no weight among the expert? Even if you the one of the experts and you do not agree with many other experts, you still have very small chance to succeed working against the system of experts. I am telling you that as an expert.

11. What you can do if you do not have sources or desire to convince half of the top experts or if you are not agree with opinion of experts about your strategy. Give up? It is up to you, isn’t?

12. Listen, you are coming to the stage of your path when you have to form a concept, theory or just to form something out of your knowledge and experience that you have collected to this time and you do not want to convince others. If you do not want to convince those who already done that, then, what you do? Especially, if you not an expert and you still want to make something out of your experience, what can be done?

13. Do you feel that you have to go this way, do you feel that you are ready for this? All knowledge you have collected during these years has some sense to you, no? You want to do something else with all these sets of data and you want to see if they may have sense to the others. You want finally get quality out of quantity of your life, but you not agreed or do not want to feed the experts to get them on your side.

14. You have to do something else rather than work for them, rather than working for the system of experts. Do you think that you can stop thinking about your goals in that system? Can you stop thinking about your goals that you have planned for the next 5, 10, or even 20 years? Can you stop thinking about unknown variables that you want to find, about unclear questions that you want to solve, about your background and everything that you have learned before, and even about everything that was made before you.

15. All these things support the system of experts and supported by experts. These things support you as well but they do not let you go further. These things designed to keep you for the system and they are stopping you from your own move.

16. Although, these are still very important things, these things are your background, but they are also a stage for a new theory and a new concept. Your concept! The structure of your concept will be formed initially in your head in non-logic way, in structure that only you can understand.

17. As a rule you cannot prove your concept and your ideas at that early stage by experiment. First, you have to put logic blocks on that still non-logical structure. Then, when it is ready you can start to test it, but if it was cooked well, you do not even need tests. The way it was build always works.

18. Now, if you still have your force, you can explore your concept empirically. It is good if you still have that force, because that is direction for your future work. Work that only you can do!

19. If your new concept can determine your following steps and steps for the others and if your concept can provide a good platform for the others, then you already have no choice. Then, you have to work on your ideas hard, since none one else can do it for you.

20. You have to make a new field out of your ideas, out of your theory and become an expert in that field. It may take time. Not because only you have to work on it hard, but because you have to give to your concept a new hands and a new legs. Then, it can go by itself and will involve newcomers, involve these who will come with no personal concerns about you but with desire to do something new, to do something else that they never did before. To do something that anyone can do but never done yet.

21. That is why we cannot prove any concept and any theory and none one can prove them. Until new “unproved” theory becomes a rule, no one can prove it. When it is a rule it is already too late to prove. The importance of any theory supported and finally determined not by experiments but by newcomers and followers. They have to do something because they have to. It is the way you and other exist and they have to take something at the beginning, as well as you and I did. That can be your theory and your concept or just your new idea.

22. If they will take your ideas as a background for their future steps they will certainly prove your theory. If they will take someone else’s theory, they will prove someone else’s theory, but they have to take something just like you and I did. Finally, it is up to you if you will give them something new or not.

23. If not you, someone else will do it for them and someone else will take a chance that you may take, and that is the same in knowledge and in business. There is no absolute truth and there is no pure money. There are people, only people, people like you and me.

24. What if you have your new theory ready, written, and tested, but you are not an expert and you do not believe in experts because there are no experts in your new field except you? You have to find someone who will be your first colleague and first expert in your new field and will test what you have in your head or on paper.

25. That is what we are doing here with you right now, right? We are testing a new concept. There are no experts who can accommodate this concept yet, except you. You are the first expert in that new field and we are making this field now, you and me.

26. I cannot call myself an expert here, until there is someone else who can criticize my work, but you cannot be an expert either until you do understand what this work is about. I can explain this work to you and your critique can make this work real and that is the only way this work can be completed. If not you, it supposes to be someone else but that is the only way this work can survive.

27. I need you to have a serious hypertrophic ego to provide the best critique. I do not want you to be just supportive. I do not need your support. You have to do this work for yourself, so it will help you, not me, not anyone else, but you. No matter what you are doing, that must be helpful to you first. If this work will help you, it will help others. People with no opinion can accept many possible variants and these people usually very supportive but useless. You are not one of them. Even if you think that you are, you are not. These do not think. You think and you know what to do with this.

28. If you know what and how you can make out of this, if you know what will work for you, it is exactly what will finally work for everyone. That is the only right thing for you and that thing is right not because you know what you are doing, but because your approach includes all possible decisions and variables, even these that are wrong.

29. People produce money, knowledge, and people produce other people. Your approach and your optimal strategy can accumulates all possible variables that people can produce and that is the best of all possible decisions you can make.

30. Everything what we have here may work just because it includes all possible options and all alternative variants. To make effect and impact you just need to take only one option, take only one side. As soon you take one option, there are no other alternatives. For others yes, but not for you. At the time you took one option all other variants are already inside of that option, the only option that will work for you and that will make an impact.

31. This is just right since there are no other variants and there is no better solution for your strategy and for your life. However, I can always change my opinion because change in opinion is also a variant to consider. You may do it as well. It may happen due to the changes in conciseness, climate, aging, and many other changes may alter it. That is quite possible, but that will not change an idea that we have here. Idea that became real in a mirror between two of us will always stay here, and this idea will work if others will find about it.

32. This idea is simple and it does work. There are things that work and we like to use these things but to use them we need to come with an idea of strategy – strategy of using them.

33. You see, you have no options and I do not have them either, and everything is done but work.