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 That is simple…, everything here is very simple… it is just hard to explain with these symbols… dry sense… dry as an old skin… just 








Nothing happens without struggling. Is it simple enough? The role of the efforts we put on our way is to maintain the “waves of life”. Without big efforts there are no big waves. Several things can be done to increase “waves of life” or make them smooth or even flat and silent. Body, mind, and feelings represent our physical, mental, and emotional shapes and anyone you will talk with during your life will talk only about these three shapes. These are also three types of activity and three types of our expressions and communication with this world. If you have enough of all these three shapes, you will stay almost the same until the end. If you put too much effort on only one aspect, you will go in that one direction and you will leave this circus of three shapes sooner. You have to decide what is good for you.




Rhythm is what you have between you and others and everything else whatever this means to you. Between you and society if you want to keep this very simple. You do not need to know all of the rhythms and how they work or where they come from. It is not necessary because no one knows them all. In fact it is not necessary to know the rhythms, rhythms are not to know but to feel. You can feel them and feel the relations between the rhythms inside and the rhythms outside.




Society is always trying to enhance our internal rhythms. Some people need that enhancement to achieve their goals and particularly to extend their internal time. When you see the whole system, you see how time is flowing from some people or groups to other people. Time is a ratio between people and time and that is something we all are living with and struggling for. Time flows the same way as the other sources we have during life. If you understand what this means you do not need further explanations. If you still need them, then, think of how you can exercise your muscle to gain more weight, or exercise your mind to gain more knowledge, or train your will to gain more power and control over sources. The same thing can be done with your time. To lift bigger weights you have to train you muscles. The same way you can do with all other things such as your knowledge, your will, and your time, but you have to decide what you need.




There are several ways to handle intensive relations between you and your society. Some people prefer to live outside of society for some time or even permanently, that is to say completely outside or just partly. That helps them to keep their internal rhythms safe. Other people prefer to adjust their internal rhythms to the rhythms of society to help them to maintain a balance and stay in the flow of time that is acceptable in society. That is similar to driving on a high-speed highway vs. staying in traffic. Looking upon the highway from your window vs. living far away from that highway. Some who are well-integrated in society prefer to reverse the time-flow toward them. Some of them are successful in this task, but if this does not happen, such people usually tend to destroy themselves because they live for this purpose and according to their purpose it is doesn’t matter what to destroy since their force is more important than the target, partly because their target is everywhere, and according to this purpose there is no coincidence there is just a flow of things.




People believe in coincidence. Some people believe that they can use coincidence and can “predict” incidence of events. It is impossible to predict incidence but what they are doing is quite possible. It is possible because there is a flow of things. The flow of things is what you make of your own life. If you do not make this flow, others will make it for you, and, then, you will start to cultivate a strong urge to find an easy way to predict this flow that made by others instead of making this flow on your own. There is no reason to predict the flow of things. If you do not know what will happen, ask those who make it happen or do it on your own. Finally, you are free to know how things work, but only you can decide what is good for you.




Another way to know the flow of things even the ones that are designed by someone else, is to put yourself out of this flow and do not interfere with the “incidences of events”. If you let things happen their own way, they will happen in a right way. If you will not let them happen they will happen in a wrong way. That is to say a wrong for you way. Another way to know these things is to do them differently. All of the things that you do everyday even the simplest of things like cutting bread, ultimately fixes your mind in your own box, in your own pattern of performance. That pattern is something that is hard to change, something that you are attached to and do not want to lose. Do things different. Do different simple things first, more complex things later. Just do them in a different way each time you have to do them. The pattern of the common routine is a very little circle that gives you “your little time”. Changing routine patterns even the way you cut bread will help you to change your time and you will learn how adjust your time according to your needs.




Some things happen better when you do not look over them. These things mostly represent an extension of your intention. You know them, you know how they happen, but it is not always right to look for them. Changes in direction of your intention produce circles which go nowhere. Finally, you have a greater chance of losing your direction and things will happen in a wrong way. Wrong for you way. To escape from this do not look for a few things:


Do not look for effect. Life is a practice and to know this practice and perform it well, to develop it over time and keep it in shape, you have to observe this practice first and keep doing it from now and forever. Observe any practice you see in your life and do not look for the effects of any of them.


Do not look for clear definitions. Learn how to reconstruct reality based on what you already know. Train yourself to act in unclear conditions, in places with unclear borders and uncertain rules. Learn how to perform in circumstances that you do not know and will not be able to understand. Accept everything the way it is and do not look for clear definitions.


Do not look for the sense. You may get sense from someone else but that will not work for long. Nothing will work for long until you will design your own sense. You will not have sense until your own sense will not make sense to the others. Until others will develop their own sense based on what you did you have no sense. Some things may have sense to you but they are just things, without you these things have no sense. If you need them they are here and you can take them anytime, but do not look for their sense.




Fears? You do not need to worry about your fears because you always have them no matter how you want to change this. Your fears are:






Forces? You do not need to worry about your forces too, since you make them, no one else does. Your forces are:




Business is an agreement between you and everything else. You have your own objective reality and that reality is what you are doing. You can think only about what you are doing and that is your only reality. That reality has no time and may have no patterns but it has results you want to get and that is why it has future. Based on that there are only two ways to make your business:

1. Work for someone else, learn everything he knows, get his skills, his connections, his reputation and, then, do it on your own in your own way that will be even bigger in your new and strong hands.

2. Start your own business that no one done yet and do it better than anyone else can do.

Based on the aforementioned there are only two ways to improve your business if it doesn’t work well:

1. Get help from someone else who knows more than you, someone who has more connections and better reputation.

2. Do what you are doing even better than anyone else can.

That is it but remember any business is a simple matter that is easy to talk about but is hard to run.




If you need help in your business you can ask anyone, you can ask even angels and demons. You can ask for help you need anyone and you may get help you need, but no one and especially demons and angels will help you in any business that you cannot run on your own. If you do not have the capacity to do it on your own, nothing will help you, even the things that do not exist. These things can only help when you are on the edge of your capabilities and on the edge of the possibilities in your field. In this case even things that do not exist may help especially if they like you. Still, do not expect too much from something that you never saw and do not make them mad either. If you need help, you have to consider everything even the things that do not exist and you better like them like you want them to like you.




Age is your reality. Age is not real since it is a perception, but it could be real. Age is your feeling of changes outside and inside of you. Changes outside, your external time goes the way that others move it, even in the case of when one of them is you. Changes inside, your internal time, goes the way you move it on your own. If you do not move your internal time, you let others move it the way they want. If your internal time goes faster than external time you may get old in a few months. If your internal time is going back and your external time is going forward you can get younger in a few days. If your internal time does not change you will follow the external time and will get older, its just that your aging may be slower than others. You can also simply follow the others and change your internal time according to your external age like everyone else. It is all matter of how you put your “light of life”.




Time has different pathways. It can go forward and backward with the different speeds, but usually it goes around or that is even more common it goes in a complex shapes similar to the spiral. The easiest way to live with time is to know the “spirals of time”. Some people call it “time circles”. When you know and feel time that way you can use this path for your own moves. There are other ways to change your time but that one is the easiest. You can go back in your time and do many things but it is not something that can be transmitted through the symbols here. You can combine all your experience and change your perception backward. The way you do this will change the “light of life” that goes across your. If you will change it that way you will keep all your experience, but your own time will go backward until you will change it back again. You can do it but you cannot keep it for long and finally you have to change the direction of the “light of life” in its regular way. If that is enough for you it will work. If it is not clear or if it doesn’t work, then symbols on this page will not help and you need to find someone to show it to you.




You know how to get what you need but one thing needs to be emphasized because you are doing it wrong. How do I know? If you are reading this you are doing that thing wrong, but wrong things may lead you into the right direction. To be effective you have to do whatever you are doing but with the whole capacity you have. Whatever you do, even if you just cutting bread, you have to use your whole capacity to make that action. The whole capacity is not just your force. You own force and your ability to make your action is just the first step. Second step is when you sure that the action you are doing is not affecting by your other actions like your thoughts, desires, troubles, and concerns about cutting your finger but not a bread. You do what you do and nothing else. Your reality is what you are doing. If you are cutting bread now that is your reality and you do not have to read. If you are reading that is your reality, then, do not do anything else. If you are doing your action right that is enough to perform well but that is not enough to make an effect with this action. For effect it is not enough to use just your own capacity. The third step is when you use the capacity of your interaction with everything else that is outside of you and that made you the way you are here now. When you and everything else are in active balance to make just one action that action is absolute and leads to the only one possible definite effect. Nothing can be more effective than that action. If this action is possible, if you already went through your third step, you have no future steps and everything will happen for you in a one move.




There are no secrets about health. You will die but you can live your life healthy just by not doing three things:

First, do not do what you do not need to do. That is the same regarding food, habits, thoughts, and everything that will come to your mind, your hands, and to your mouth.

Second, do not stop what you do not have to stop. Whatever is going on on its own is flow of your life. It does not necessary only your flow, but that is always your life and your energy. Do not stop it unless you have to change it and to put in your way. 

Third, you have to create. It does not matter what you create, just do new things, things that never happened to you before. Your creatures are your new units of life. More of them you have better and healthier your live.




Force is something that gives and takes you health and your energy. Simple example is love. Love gives a great energy and takes a great energy. Mutual love gives strong circulation of energy. If love is not mutual it produces a wave that goes somewhere. This wave is your life. With mutual love you are staying in the “center of cyclone”, cyclone of your energy. If it is not mutual you are staying on the edge of the wave that moves you toward something that you will not come to without that wave. These waves have mechanism that not everyone understands and even less people can use, but your freedom is your knowledge of your waves, your forces, and your fears, and there is no other freedom for you.




Love helps you to understand the height of the waves of your life. No one can judge your love and no one can see the waves of your life. Only you may know how big this wave, how strong your love, and how big your life, and finally how far it can move you. Love is designed to be refused. We all refused that force that is higher than our ability to understand it. We all did it at least once. Love is designed that way to teach us how to use the “waves of life”. If you left the highest wave in your life at least once for something else you know what this  “something else” is and you know your next step. If you are reading this more likely you did it at least once and that gave you an idea how much you can enhance your wave and how far you can get by staying on the edge of that wave.




If you do not understand the previous part, try to refuse something that is important to you and see what it will bring to you. Then refuse something else even more important. Just do that wisely, that it is not a game and that cannot be a game. You have to refuse whatever you decided without changing your mind. You decide then you do what you decided to do. Start from the small things then do bigger, then you will get what you need no matter what you do next.




I would expect a few questions from you and I will try to address them now. Other questions you have to ask personally someone you will find, but do not spend your time trying to find me it is already late.

Why people keep repeating these obvious things?

I do not know how about other people. I met many people who “found the truth” and each time I met such person, I asked myself if everything he is doing and telling is right? My answer was always “No”. Then I asked myself what could be right then? The answer you just read.

What is our purpose?

People can choose their purpose and people can make their own purpose. Most people just want something but they do nothing to make what they want. Most of them at least are doing what others people ask them to do and that is good enough for them, but that goes in circle. People are functioning in an already developed system. They come to that system, step in, and, then, stay. It is their purpose as well as yours and my purpose to support that system, our system, but if you do something different once, you will have a way out of this system and that will make this system even bigger. You may use this way or not, but if you do something different you will have a chance to go toward what you want. Yes, that is something else. Finally, that can be even your new system and if you will own your new system it will be your purpose, but whatever you do on that way it just makes all of us bigger.

How to start a new path?

All new practices and experiences are begun with crisis. All similar crises begun at the same age and go in the similar circle. It was the same with me the same as is happening with you. Once, I had to find something new in my life, then, I had to do it again, and again. One may even need to lose everything to start something new. For another one keeping something for backup could be important. For me it was somewhere in between, but you will find what will work for you.

That is the last thing I want to say. I am glad that he asked me to tell you this, because I am doing this for my last time. Over time all things get obvious and I am tired of repeating these obvious things and I think I done that enough. Stay cool my friend, your time is coming.