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  Fact ?






Is it real?

What is real?

Are you real?

Then who are you?

And what is your reality?

What is your objective reality?

Your ability to sort, categorized, and predict the things?

That is your reality? Only yours and no one else’s reality?

Can’t we see you and your mind as a system of well-categorized things?

Things like we all have on a shelf, things that have to be close to the hand?

Things that can be easily mixed with something else that we can predict?

Just to make it look good, look nice and neat. Can we do that?

Then you are predictable as well as all these things.

Anyone can easily predict you.

Even I can do it, but…

Do I need to?

You want it?

For you?





WTF, you already here on a shelf, close to my hand!

Well, but we can predict something else if you wish.

Or we can put you in a special, very special category.

On a special shelf if you are that special.

The only thing that is unclear to me,

Is that I do not know if I can predict myself.

Not something else,

Not even you.

But myself!



WTF you are trying to find?

What you are reading here?

Are you reading what is happening?

Inside of this box, my box?  But that is you!

You are happening here in my objective reality!

Due to my ability to sort categorized and predict things.

That is what I am doing here and that is what we both are doing here now.

But again if I have no capacity to predict myself,

Then how can I predict everything else?

Everything that is my objective reality?

I do not know what may happen to me.

You want to say that my box is too small?

Too small to know who I am and what may happen?

I still think that I can predict things and even you.

Unless you will do something on your own.

But can you? If yes, why you still here?

Why you are still here in my world.

I know I cannot predict myself at all.

Even I can predict and categorize you,

I cannot do it with myself.

If I cannot predict myself,

How I can do it with you?

WTF is going on?



WTF why do we need a reason for being?

Why do we need possibility of a future?

Why is there not just a flow?

Why we need to predict?

To believe? To hope?

Why do we need all of this?

For the future or for even a simple illusion?

Even the Illusion of a possibility of a future.

I do not know! The only thing I know is that I need you!

I need something that I can predict even if, in fact, I cannot.

I need someone that cannot be real!

I need illusion, illusion of future.

Illusion of being.

Illusion of you.




I need you even if you are not a real.

I just need you to make this happen.

Happen what? All of this, as you see it?

That is how this all can happen, no?

That is how we can understand more then we actually can.

Shapes may have sense and sense can be transmitted with symbols or patterns.

Now I can recognize shapes and patterns.

And I can recognize you!



WTF you have in your mind?

What else except your desire?

That is fine, totally fine!

But what is your desire?

Is it a drive to get something?

But if you already have something…

Is it your drive to get something else?

You know what is something else is, no?

You can’t reach it, never!

You got it now?

That is Something Else!

“Something Else” is an opposite side of your desire.

It doesn’t exist without your desire.

And your desire has no sense without Something Else.

Where they are then, both of them?

Your desire of something else and Something Else?

Desire is inside of you and Something Else is outside.

Does it need to be more complex?

Then, WTF you have in between?



WTF are you doing here?

You are trying to reject this fact?

You are also making some noise, more noise, and even more noise?

Then you are making sense, some sense, and even more sense?

You are making it by yourself to give it to the others!

Generous! You are very good boy!

And you still do not want to accept…

What is in between?

But you know that!

That is the difference.

Your difference!



WTF is your difference?

The difference in your desire?

Your different desires?

What difference is?

Something Else is not different!

Any difference in something else is happening in your mind.

Do you have any difference in between?

Between inside and outside of you?

Again desire?

Then what is the difference between your:

1. – Desire,

2. – Desire to control desire,

3. – Desire to have no desire, and

4. – Having no desire?

Having no desire is different?

There is no difference at all?

Are these things are different?

Are you sure?



Absence can be different?

Emptiness can be different from fullness?

You can understand, you can feel such difference?

You cannot taste nothing! Nothing is nothing!

What you do with your desire is the same.

No matter what you will do to enhance your desire to get something else.

No matter what you will do to enhance your desire to get more desire.

No matter what you will do to control your desire.

No matter how you will try to dissolve your desire

Whatever you will do with your desire at all!

You will do that toward something else.

Your desire and Something else,

Are two parts of the same thing!

That thing is




Then, WTF do you want?

Nothing, at all?

You do not want it?

You do not want your desire?

You do not want to not know what?  or…

You want to not know why?

Still do not want and still

Want to not know?

WTF with you?



Or may be you…

Want but do not know how?

You still want and still do not know?

Or you… do not want anymore?

and… want to want again? Again you?

Or you… do not want to want at all? Still you?

Then, I know you! You just one of them!

I see you and I can categorize you and I can predict you.

That is you! As well as everything else here, is… you!





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