3. ИN: K r o w t e N ’ s N e t w o r K

1. Dril the Head









Do you know where you now? No? Well, that is your future and here in future I know your name. Your name is Krowten. Let me explain. That is not a future that I am predicting for you or you are predicting for yourself. No, that is a future where you are always have been, the only future that you may have. You always have been here, you just never mentioned that, but now you have to!

It may confuse you for now but soon you will understand this paradox much better. You will understand the way you chose to move from your past to your future. That way gives you the only one possible future and in that future, each next moment you will have more and more things and more and more power to control and move all things around you. Just like you wanted it at the very beginning. In your future you can change pretty much everything even your past but you cannot change your future. It is confusing, I know, but you are ready to understand how it works. You just have to recollect your only possible future and I will help you with it.

Welcome to your future!

So, what do you have here? Pretty much everything! To be more precise, here in your future you have no limits, but on the other side here you do not have reality. Originally reality came first, then, you came to that reality or, what is more correct, reality has created you. That reality is what you left in your past. Here in future reality is what you are making and it is up to you what is reality is. Here everything is your ‘personal objective reality’.

‘Personal objective reality’ is what you are making in your future. That is your main product and your let say work but that is also your existence. Technically, the only objective reality in your future is you but even “you” cannot be defined and clearly stated here because there is nothing else to define you. You have no one to define you except me and I am the only one who knows your real face and I am the only one who left here except of you. You do not understand? Just look around, do you see something around you? You do, but here in your future there is only you and you is everywhere.

Here you have everything and that everything is you. Your personal objective reality is what you can change at any moment. Any reality that you want to come with is already here, because anything that you can imagine is the only real thing in your reality. Nothing else is real, although, you can design unreal things as well. It is up to you what you call real and what you call unreal. It is your own reality!

Time in you future is a part of your reality, part of reality you have designed for yourself. If you want to have time, then, you can see a pattern of changes in your reality and you have your time. If you do not need time, you may see just a difference between the things in your reality but not a pattern and you have no time. It is up to you if you want to have time or not!

Changes in your reality may happen the way you want them to happen. These changes may happen faster or slower and that makes your time go faster or slower. Here there are no things that can be changed without your will. You have no such things. All things you have now are here because of your will and they all are under your control. All uncontrollable things are obsolete, replaceable, and neglectable if you want. You decided that you do not want them and you have only what you need – your personal objective reality!

Your own changes are your reality as well. Here you can be consistently active with no change and no aging. Do you need to reflect changes that you made? No. You already know all of them because you designed all changes you need even before they have happened in your reality. As soon as you designed any change, as soon you think about difference you want to design, you already have it, here in your future. Then, there are no needs to reflect changes even if these changes have happen in your mind. In your future you have no difference and no time if you do not need them. To have them you need to force yourself and challenge the whole reality you have. Your future is strange, isn’t?

Do you remember how that happened, your future? Can you recollect now the time when after consistent replacements of different parts of yourself you found that there are no more needs in replaceable parts of your body and even your neuronal circuitry and your sensors that connected you to the reality that originally created you? Do you remember time when you decided to not use replaceable parts for your body and live without them? That was a big shift in everyone’s mind and in your mind Krowten!

Replicable and virtually infinite parts of your body gave you a feeling of no changes and no time. That was also a big shift in your mind but that was much earlier. With replicable parts you got a feeling of continuous replacement. Feeling that made you time not controllable but infinite. Unbearably infinite! You found that infinite uncontrollable time is impossible to handle. Feeling of dying became much easier for you than feeling of consistent, infinite replacement of parts of yourself. One part by another and so on, and so on! One thing we all have been surprised about is that you found this so difficult and impossible even before you have passed a just a few human life cycles, human you used to be. We know now why that happened so fast but at that time it was impressive!

After you decided to live without your replicable parts, when you connected yourself to your network, you found unbearable a consistent difference in the flow that you had between your mind and other minds that also joined that net. You found unbearable that consistent flow of the information across of your self-identity. Infinite dependence from the circle of information from outside through the receptors into the mind-circuitry very soon became even worse than infinite replacement of your body parts.

You found that you have been designed that way a long time ago. You found that you couldn’t live without a difference. You found that you have happened as a body and as a mind because of the difference in the reality that you left. Even more, you found a proof that for your mind “difference must be different” and that is the only condition that can produce a stable platform for your survival, the only condition that can keep you awake and aware. That was a great time Krowten! You finally understood the whole deepness of your own mind and found that you are not able to change the way it was designed! That is how you decided to redesign all things around your mind and redesign the reality that created you.

Do you remember anything of that? That is your future and you must remember it. It will happen very soon from your time and if your mind capacity is good enough you must remember many details, even these that I may not know about you. Future goes only one way and in future there are no possibilities. Past can be different. Past can vary a lot depends on what you want to see in your past. Future is already determined and you must remember your future!

I am writing this text on the walls with a chalk. I like to do it this way. Here at my time I enjoy to rely on reality that I cannot control and cannot change with my mind like you, on reality that was before I came here, on reality that is the only real and uncontrollable reality. That is the only thing Krowten that you are not be able to understand not in your time, not even now in your future – understand reality that you cannot control and be just a consequence of that blind force that created you apparently for now reason. To understand that my friend you need to be here where I am.

I bet you do not believe in time traveling isn’t? But you got a point that you have pretty much everything to reconstruct the fact that you actually can read the text that is written after you are reading it? Did you already get where it came from to you and how? There are no tricks here you know that. That all is just your personal objective reality, your past and your future with no time unless you want to have your time.

Let me explain this in more details. In time you are reading this text you are enjoying your time and you badly need your time. That is why you may not understand everything that I am telling you and that is why you have to recollect your future.

In your past, people have been depended on their past experience and were not been able to design their future as well as you can. It was like that pretty much all the time before your time. In time you are living and reading this text you already know how to make future and you do not care too much about your past. In your time your past and your future are almost equal if you understand what that means.

Look, in your time you already can start your life many times scratching your past, learning and getting new knowledge and new things again and again, over and over. In your near future, your future will become even more predictable than your past. You should remember that! Just take a look on these things around you and on the things in your recent past and your recent … yes, then you will see your recent future that is always around you.

Do you remember now that time when you found how to design your future well enough to rely on it and the time when your past became uncertain? Do you remember that time when your past experience became unnecessary for your future? You found that your future can be designed without your past, without your old knowledge, and your past became obsolete.

Do you remember how that happened that you decided to not even use your eyes and any of your sensors and how you said: “Reality that we process in our mind is a product of our response to the input we are receiving via our sensors and that cannot represent our unique objective reality that we all have in our own unique minds.” Do you remember that? Yes Krowten, you said that. You decided to live in your own reality where time is flexible and controllable by your own will.

You were not able to tolerate all problems of your body and your neuronal net and you have designed your own circuitry, you own world for your own mind. That new artificial world started to send you information that you designed for yourself. That was a long experiment but finally you found that you already have everything you need but not the reality that created you. Then, you found that you do not even need your “artificial reality” that you created, since you have everything as soon as you think about it. You just need to stay that way. You understood that all your experiments with your body and with your mind were just a way to come to this state, to your final destination.

Do you remember how that happened that you all decided to live in that “absolute reality”? Do you remember how you altogether decided to neglect reflection between different realities that each of you had at that time? Do you remember how you decided that you do not need your unique mind anymore, that you do not need your own identity, and that you do not need any difference between each of you?

Do you remember who said first “There is no such thing as an Ego but there is only a difference between different minds”? It was also you Krowten and everyone was agreed that this difference is also need to be neglected. That difference was something that was bothering you all for a long time and you all decided to join one reality and have no difference anymore. No difference, no identity, no ego, no time, no future, and no reality! No reality in relation to anyone else and to the other possible realities and even to any possibilities. You thought you can be a God Krowten!

So, you got what you wanted, isn’t? But I am still surprised how fast all these changes have happened to you! No one was able to predict that you can change yourself that fast. Just a few years ago you were just like me. You were reading the books about your future that could happen on the far away planets or in a deep sea. You were excited about space traveling, time traveling, mind games, and even about aliens you were trying to catch.

Just a few decades ago I described for you the possibility of your only future just for a curiosity, as a paradox of human being. By somehow I was so sure that it was the only future you may have since you always were using the less effort pathways in your long story. That was highly predictable what will happen to you even at that time, at time you re reading this. That was clear as the only future you may have my friend. That is the optimal less efforts future, the only future that may happen to you. That is a future you have now Krowten. That is a future that is not a future anymore.

We have designed that future together, you remember? Knowing who you are now I have a hard time to consider you as a one person since you are everyone I knew before, but I still remember you as a real to me human being. Even now I think that this is the best name for you, for you who you are now, the best of any other names you ever had in your past.

So, we know that just two of us left here, you and me! I think there is only one thing that I still want to know about you Krowten. I want to know if you can recognize the fact of my existence? Based on what I know about you, you should not be able to, but I did not go where you decided to go. So, I can only guess what you can and what you cannot. Still, at that time none one was able to predict that it will happen so fast. Not you not me.

After you put yourself into that universal self-updating net, that the only space where you Krowten, I mean all of you who joined it, can live as the same uniform mind, you became who you are now and seems like you satisfied with it. At least I see you it that way. I was with you for some time at the beginning but I believe that I chose the right moment to step back when it still was possible, just before the moment when you all turned into the one uniform mind. That is why I am still here my friend.

I decided to stay out of this, like I always did. I was the first one who described this “Absolute reality”, I was the first who jumped into this future, and I was the first who decided to not go further. Not because it is better to stay out but because it is the only thing I can do – to find new things. I found this new reality for you and now I am looking for something else.

I still believe that you may not be able notice the fact of my existence, because you have everything and everything that exists in your reality is you. That is why I am talking to you in your past. I can only guess and I am guessing that you have everything Krowten, but no matter what is everything means to you, you still have something else my friend.

That is me!