Once upon a time





The closest to this subject area is probably the ‘Social psychology’, although, some ideas we are trying to test here would be different in terms of interconnections between present psychological theories, neuroscience, and some fundamental scientific questions related to the scale of human life.

The goal for this work is to put in order at least ‘subjects’ on our lab bench – ‘Brain’ and ‘Society’ to interconnect stages of human development as a consistent flow of transformations with critical transitional periods and more stable phases between them.  Random facts and speculation are going to be presented within the uniform system for the first time. We will support our work by facts from psychology, modeling of circuitry, and brain mapping. Human mind development across the life in close relation with influence of society presented this ways will help to design a new techniques and questionnaires for psychological and sociological assessments, may provide a new clues for consulting, management, career development, social and political science.

Finally, we believe that this work may simply help to provide some support in common life for all of us for anyone who want to understand how works the system.


Do you want to know “Mind-Society” in action?