Social Tool





Over time we got isolated in one subject of everyday work, in one thought, in one place, in one box. Over time, most of us came to the point where specific subject we are working on for years has almost no sense anymore. It’s common for most of the people, probably for all of us, and we all are learning over lifetime how to change that.


Social groups provide interaction between people with different experience and expertise to help to improve our functional outcome of everyday activity in our own boxes, and to put in line all new questions that will direct us toward the next steps in our life.


Interaction facilitates the new questions and the new directions that have been out of reach because the high level of specialization or even routine pattern of everyday life. We all are working in specialized fields and to protect our value as an “expert” we are not allowed to make even small step across of the border of our expertise. If none of us would ever step out of his protected field, even having a strong feeling that it’s something that is really important, then nothing will happen. Social groups provide a feeling that altogether we can focus on questions that are between of our fields and between of us, but practically we are climbing on the same evolutionary stair. We just in a stone age in our social net right now.

Do you want to see a difference?

Our present stone age of social network: FACEBOOK

One of intermediate stages of social net: YOU-BOOK

Ultimate social net and rather a tool but net: UNILARITY


What is next?

Depends on time we will put here all necessary for you to build a tool to study society  and to study yourself in this society. We cannot make this tool for you because ‘all of you’ are the main part of this tool,  but we can give you necessary components to make a right glue.

Check it out again in some time!