Pandora’s Box





Pandora box is a chat for troublemakers and you are welcome to enter Pandora’s box but only these who are invited know the time when problem is there. If you was not invited you just may see someone who is talking with someone else. You will not know for how long they are there and neither you or they  know for how long you will stay in that chat. U may see troublemakers in Pandora’s box anytime but they will not show you their names unless they want.

All guests who are enter to the box are using symbols instead of names chosen from a table of the most common symbols. Still, some of these who are invited have to present their real names time to time because it is the one of the ways for them to find an answer and solve the problem.

If you are troublemaker you are welcome here as well!

Problems you are solving in Pandora’s Box are always the same but answers are different.
This is how it works:
1. You need to find out why you are invited here? That will give the first clue to the question you have to solve.
2. Then you need to find why you decided to step into that box? That will give you the second clue.
3. You have to find out how much time you have to solve the problem, since the box is going to be opened by ‘Pandora’ at certain time and all troublemakers will fly away. You can come back later using the same symbol but if the symbol you used at the first time will be chosen by someone else you cannot find a way and collect all clues. 
4. You need to find who are others in the box since you all may have a chance to solve the problem only in collaboration with the others who are in the box. You need each other to find an answer.
Do you know why troublemakers are coming here? What all demons need? They all are looking for a freedom and for the peace in their minds. Participating in Pandora’s box session they are getting information that helps them to find themselves. At the end of each session when Pandora opens the Box they will be free again to come to the space where they can be themselves.

U can do it too! Come and try to solve a current problem in Pandora Box and after Pandora will open it you will have access to a new knowledge.

Pandora’s box it is not a simple chat, it has a few rules. Automatically it allowed to enter only a certain amount of people at certain time. This number is automatically  varies in consequence that cannot be predicted but overall you may have access for 100000 people in one minute and after a while it is going to be only 1. Even that one user can be smashed in this box. This is a Box that shrinks and extends on its own.Why? It designed that way to give you a time to solve questions you need to solve their and not stay forever for no reason, you there for purpose. Plus in that way it also gives you chance to change your symbol in this chat-box. Anyone finally will be smashed when box is shrinking so anyone can get anyone symbol if he/she wants. Statistics of your preferences will show you who you are regarding you fascination of simple symbols. Now it is your purpose to understand why you use one or another symbol and where you stand compare to all others around you.

The first problems that our troublemakers have to solve is open!
– Why you shoos that symbol to enter the box?
– What makes this symbol important to you?
– When was the first time when you saw that symbol?